ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Note 1). Maximum Temperatures. 2N/8/9. Storage Temperature. °C tOo+°C. Operating Junction Temperature. Part, 2n Category, Discrete. Description. Company, Central Semiconductor Corporation. Datasheet, Download 2n datasheet. Cross ref. Similar parts. Page 1. Adams Avenue, Hauppauge, NY USA. Tel: () • Fax: ()

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Hi, I am having a heck of a time trying to confirm at least in my mind if this power amp schematic works or not. Without compound you leave microscopic air pockets in between.

dagasheet Notice the and dates. Receives feedback from the output across the emitter resistors through R22 and R The wood strips used for mounting the back panel are stapled to the sides of the back.

PN Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search. Transistor Catalog

The speaker has been removed to provide some extra room to work with. However, in my experience insulating the heatsink from the rest of the chassis and making sure it cannot be shorted by accident is a lot more difficult than just putting the mica or silipad washer between transistors and the sink.

I’d say forget this circuit. Good thing I was suspicious before I dahasheet it and wasted adtasheet parts. Q7 and Q8 had me confused until I realized the only way it could possibly work was push-pull Class A. The preamp and power amp are combined onto the larger board.


2N Datasheet(PDF) – New Jersey Semi-Conductor Products, Inc.

December 01, There is no “chassis grounding” cap on the primary AC side, just the 1 amp fuse and switch. They will break with the slightest nick, and several disconnected themselves as I was replacing the IC with a socket. The second amp is reversed in this regard. The asymmetric version of this input-VAS combination was pretty common before long-tailed pair input became as common choice it is now. I got this one from musicparts. The six TO transistors and the two TO-3s make up the power amp.

Hope this information is of use to someone.

Almost, but not quite. You will definitely need a preamp to compensate that issue.

PN3564 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

Three wires are separate grounds all coming off the main amplifier board. I was getting together a parts list to build this amp when I noticed something that got me to thinking.

I guess I could tweak it to work but why bother since it’s practically a redesign of the whole thing.

I’ve done lots of research over the last two weeks and this is driving me nuts. Just make sure the 2n35568 is not electrically insulative. It is essential for decreasing thermal resistance of the interface between sink and the transistor. I’m sure that the small size helps, but it is a very sturdy case.


2N3568 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

If you say theory and practice don’t agree you haven’t applied enough theory. Yes, the transistors are original and still dahasheet fine and I won’t be replacing them.

August 24, Up to this point I am somewhat satisfied. They are mounted to the heat sink with screws on the bottom side of the board and secured with nuts.

How can the base of Q5 be more positive than it’s emitter when there is no source of a positive voltage at its base? Not any real difference in tone, or distortion or anything like that. What totally confuses me is the lack of a DC path to establish the bias.

I understand 2nn3568 this will set the bias between the two transistors at three diode voltage drops. The output transistors and heat sink. Advertised as ” watts peak” its RMS output is somewhere between 15 and 25 watts. Here is the PA schematic section: Where did you get the schematic? Well, that’s just too bad.