Daily prayers of the Coptic Orthodox Church (Arabic Agpeya). Coptic Agpeya Arabic Audio & Text. Agpeya is the Christian Coptic Orthodox daily prayer, (book of hours). this app contains an Arabic text and. Here is an online version of the Agpeya in PDF format with the texts of the prayers in Coptic, English and Arabic.

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‚ÄéCoptic Agpeya Arabic Audio & Text on the App Store

The Agpeya is primarily used by the Coptic Orthodox Church. It contains prayers for seven different hours to be said throughout the day. The hours are chronologically laid out, each containing a theme corresponding to events in the life of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is followed by various Psalms, an excerpt from the Holy Gospel, and Litanies.

Daily prayers of the Coptic Orthodox Church (Arabic Agpeya)

Lord Have Mercy is then chanted 41 times representing the 39 lashes Christ received before the crucifixion, plus one for the spear in His side, plus one for the crown of thornsfollowed by several other prayers and a conclusion. The hours of the day start from sunrise and end at sunset.


The morning prayer Primewhich corresponds to 6 a.

The Terce 9 a. The None 3 p. Vespers sunset and Compline 9 p. The Midnight hour is read just before the Midnight Praise.

The Veil hour is reserved for priests, monks and bishops. The Prime is mainly associated with the eternity of God, His incarnation, His resurrection from the dead.

It is intended to offer thanks to Him for having risen us from the sleep, beseeching Him to shin upon us, enlighten our lives, and grant us the power of His resurrection.

The Third Hour commemorated three significant events: Christ’s trail by Pilate, His ascension to heaven, and the descent of the Holy Spirit may cleanse our hearts and renew our lives. The Sixth Hour reminds us of the crucifixion and passion of Christ. We pray that, through His life-giving passion, He may deliver our minds from lusts, and turn our thoughts to the remembrance of His commandments, and make of us a light of the world and salt of the earth.

The Ninth Hour commemorates the redemptive death of Christ in the flesh on the cross, and His acceptance of the repentance of the Thief.


Coptic agpeya arabic pdf | avlhoam | Sco

We pray that the Savior may mortify out carnal lusts, make us partakers of His araic, and accept our repentance when we cry out with the Thief, “Remember us, O Lord, when You come into Your Kingdom. Eleventh Hour, is associated with the act of taking down Christ’s body from the cross.

At the end of the day, we give thanks for God’s protection, and confess our sins with the Prodigal Son Luke Twelfth Hour, commemorates the burial of Christ. We remember the passing world and the arablc judgment. Mindful of our imminent standing before God, we ask forgiveness of our sins and protection through the night. The office consists of three watches, corresponding to the three stages of Christ’s prayer in the garden of Gethsemane Matt.

It is also a prayer which concerns Monks.