The ALH is a grounded grid linear Amplifier developed by Ameritron using low cost A power triodes. It operates in class AB2 for SSB. I’ve just been asked to fix an ALH by a local. but can’t find a Service Manual download anywhere (a main board layout would be useful). The ALH is rated at watts CW carrier in normal CW or tune. The AL is rated at watts PEP voice, or just over watts carrier.

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W1QJAug 2, When it first arrived, I serrvice the tubes, did the meter mod, and got on the air. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Turn per band load and plate control clock and anti clockwise and watch if there is any anode or grid current. The A tubes take approximately 10 seconds to warm-up.

G3YROAug 2, The size of the 10 m coil has become too small due to mounting method. The powerful spark induced scorching and inside a hole in eervice glass.

  B&W ASW608 PDF

Free Service Manuals

By submitting a comment, you are declaring that you agree with these rules:. I used as “earth” the screw at the sservice of the anode choke. This item doesn’t belong on this page. Can you site some issues you think are not good and how it can be improved. The ALH has two illuminated panel meters.

Service and User Manual – Ameritron ALH – Amplifier — Download free service manuals

I soldered this to the spot on the band-switch that hadn’t been soldered, and its been flawless since. Reduces unwanted feedback to improve performance. The energy could not leave la the high impedance of the plate circuitand so chose the shortest path via the tube.

Irregularities in the schematic. Opening the amp and inspecting it showed a connection that was not soldered at the factory. The A tubes are long life, reliable transmitting tubes.

The Grid Current meter provides a continuous reading of servlce A grid current to indicate proper loading of the Amplifier. Roger, you must be the only person in your area that is willing to tackle ham amplifiers with problems. I can hear at least one of the relays going over, but the SWR into the amp is very high. Both tuning controls have vernier 6: Service and User Manual.


People who bought this also bought. Sevice each modification the amplifier was firmly tested and plates never becames red. The long wire to be replaced by coaxial cable RGso that the length is converted into a small capacitance in parallel with the load capacitor.

The Grid current meter was reading on transmit with no drive. A Pi-Network tuned input matches the A tubes to 50 ohm exciters.

You agree not to post any material which is knowingly false, obscene, hateful, threatening, harassing or invasive of a person’s privacy. Ameritron never published service manuals serfice any of their amplifiers so they don’t exist. Therefore, a sumiere test was done with the two types.

AF6LJAug 2, Page 1 sl 1. I believe it’s asking for troubleand it is better to shorten the RF path by installing an additional 4n7 capacitor at the lower end of L4.