Eyeless in Gaza, novel of ideas by Aldous Huxley, published in This semiautobiographical novel criticizes the dearth of spiritual values in contemporary. Structure and Meaning in Aldous Huxley’s. Eyeless in Gaza. The most obvious and disturbing feature of Eyeless In Gaza is the peculiar narrative technique used . One of Brave New World author Aldous Huxley’s finest and most personal novels, now back in print in a Harper Perennial Modern Classics edition, Eyeless in.

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I had just given up oil-painting and become an Alxous major, and my reading history was frighteningly bleak. That’s why the word wanker is suitable!

In the topic selected was space exploration. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Huxley was a humanist but was also interested towards the end of his life in spiritual subjects such as parapsychology and philosophical mysticism. Thank you for your feedback.

The narrative rotates between 5 or so timelines and flips back to each periodically, like Moloch gleefully dealing Texas Hold’em. Despite this, it returns to a tangled storyline with its complex linguistics. Later in the countercultural s Huxley’s ideas regained currency but, even then, his characters’ struggles seemed somewhat outdated.

This war was of course the one which entailed the self-destruction of the former world order, as the major colonial powers tore themselves apart. Jun 27, Ashley rated it it was amazing.

The only outcome of violence is more violence and even though love often causes confusion, disorientation, heart-break, and endless guilt, it is the only possible eyeles to move forward. Time jumps are artfully used to give us a deep understanding of Anthony, how he came to be who he is and why he has reason to be dissatisfied. Peace through liberation, for peace is achieved freedom.

Pe linga faptul ca e asa mai intelectuala de felul ei, cartea e scrisa sub forma unui puzzle. In nonchronological fashion the novel covers more than 30 years in the lives of a group of upper-middle-class English friends, especially Anthony Beavis and his longtime married lover, Helen. Good description of what I alrous to call the hot wanker.


By then his hair had regrown, and even blind he was able to pull down the temple on the heads of the celebrating Philistines and kill himself at the same time. Oct 20, Alethea Hammer rated it liked it. Yet there are elements of Eyeless in Gaza that hold up. Contact our editors with your feedback. Huxley shows both sides, and makes you love the character more for it. The book club discussion added some context so that I had a better grasp of what the author was trying to accomplish and I award him an “A” for effort.

He is a figure from the society Anthony knows, appearing in a strange land at a time when he desperately needs help and he provides it to him while simultaneously reflecting on the metaphysical nature of the universe! Fiica ei, Helen, cu care Anthony are o relatie esuata, e unul din hxuley cele mai interesante si consistente.

Eyeless in Gaza – The Greatest Literature of All Tim

It required concentration and a bit of effort, not because the story was difficult to follow, but because of all the philosophical part, all those ideas that take pages and pages to develop. Our central character, Anthony Beavis, is a scholar attuned to fining meaning in obscure scholarship. Aldus because he is too idealistic and places his lover on an impossible pedestal and Anthony because he seems scared of commitment, probably on account of the loss he has suffered earlier in his life and never properly come to terms with.

This designation could stem from the time in my life when I read it, or my love for the characters- but more definitely it has grown- from the way the characters have traveled with me through my journey to realization as an adult. The chief example of this is Anthony Beavis, the aldou who is based heavily on Huxley himself.

However, his behaviour towards his old friend Brian, wooing the woman he loves for a bet and then shirking his duty to admit this, made my stomach turn. The title of this novel refers to the Biblical story of Samson. Is hhuxley this dark? A bit like having a good plate of pasta in a restaurant and then thinking it might have been better to have had pizza!


The real meaning of the title must be a pointer to the way in which the characters in the novel think that they are doing something new and revolutionary, zldous that will destroy the outdated society around them.

Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. To sum up, Eyeless in Gaza is not my favourite work of his, but it is a great novel.

I don’t exactly understand what he was trying to prove. A statue at one moment, and the next a heap of dust and shapeless fragments. Jul 02, Phrodrick rated it liked it. But back to the intriguing structure. The added irony is that the book ends and was written just before World War II which could mock its resolution.

Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or eyyeless errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed. Reading Like a Writer Aldohs Prose. The arrangement of these events is not chronological, hxley parallel – dated chapters, like entries in a diary, are arranged so that the significant events are revealed together, alternating between the different periods of Beavis’ life.

Throughout, we see him grapple with what has led him to his bad decisions.

Eyeless in Gaza

We are asked to read a long pages in preparation for Anthony to squarely face himself only to be dropped into his life after an incomplete melodrama that is the climax of the book. This really is a great work, one of searching, of a subtle, subliminal, but very real dissatisfaction, and of making terrible human mistakes in the midst of many others making terrible human mistakes, a book filled with passionate pondering, with sharp reflections of ‘us’, as always, and finally with a message that eventually finds its iin in his much later essays and works.

Huxley’s highly intellectual narrative is supremely erudite and flows across the pages like honey.