Publisher: Introducción: La tríada de la atleta femenina es un importante que incluyen trastornos de la conducta alimentaria, amenorrea y osteoporosis. El estudio de la amenorrea primaria toma en considera- ción el estado de desarrollo . Las mujeres que se consideran atletas de alto rendi-. Otro factor que influye en la salud ósea es la amenorrea, en concreto, en las atletas adultas la disfunción menstrual está asociada a bajos niveles de DMO (

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Abnormal cortisol secretion and atletaas to croticotropin-releasing hormone in women with hypotalamic amenorrha. Neurochemical abnormalities of anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Induction and prevention of low-T3 syndrome in exercising women.

Conn Med ;63 Pituitary function in isolated gonadotropin deficiency. Adv Ped ; Pulsatile patterns of gonadotropin release in subjects with and without ovarian function. Lack of bone accretion and amenorrhea: Todos los derechos reservados.

Interrelationship between components of the FAT may result in clinical manifestations, including eating disorders, amenorrhea and osteoporosis. Fertil Steril ; Normal sequence of the gonadotropon-releasing hormone gene in patients with idiopathic hypogonadotropic hypogonadism.

Gender dependent effects of exercise training on serum leptin levels in humans. Dopamine agonist and pituitary tumors shrinkage. Exercise associated menstrual disturbances. The concepts of stress and stress system disorders. The effect of adaptation to various damaging agents on the female sex organs in the rat.


Role of leptin and its receptor in human obesity. Hypotalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and the female reproductive system. Articles related to the topic were reviewed through PubMed and SportDiscus databases.

Current Opinion in Endocrinology and Diabetes.

A healthy lifestyle, and support by parents and coaches should be included. How to cite this article.

Amenorrea: Tratamiento Hormonal

Laron Z, Rogol A, eds. Spinal bone loss and ovulatory disturbances. J Clin Endocrinol ; Plasma immunoreactive beta-endorphin in exercise-associated amenorrhea.

Understanding of the disease may be facilitated by a unified framework focusing on energy deficiency. Androgen resistance — the clinical and molecular spectrum.

La triada de la atleta

Evaluation and Management of menstrual dysfunction in athletes. Gonadotropin-releasing hormone, follicle-stimulatin hormone beta, luteinizing hormone bete gene structure in idiopathic hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. J Clin Enocrinol Metab. Blumenfeled Z, Halachmi S. Olsted DH, Fering M. Increased cortisol production in women runners. Eating, Body Weight and Performance in Athletes: Total bone density in amenorrheic runners. Acute effects of exercise on plasma cathecolamines in sedentary and athletic women with normal abnormal menses.

Corticotropin-releasing hormone inhibits gonadotropin secretion in the ovariectomized rhesus monkey. Amenorrhea and chronic anovulation: Decreased spinal mineral content in amenorrheic women.


Alterações hormonais da mulher atleta

To review the major components of the FAT and their relationships, as well as strategies for diagnosis and treatment. Consecuentemente, sus amenorreea menstruales se pueden volver sumamente irregulares y hasta puede llegar a dejar de menstruar.

Anabolic actions of parathyroid hormone on bone. Beta-endorphin, adrenocorticotropic hormone, cortisol and catecholamines during aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Clinical features of the woman with hypergonadotropic amenorrhea. Long term follow-up of women with dn treated prolactin-secreting pituitary tumors.


A number of risk factors have been identified as predisposing women to the development of menstrual irregularities, such as low body weight, body fat and hypoestrogenic status. DZ Sportmed ; Reprodutive Endocrinology, Surgery and Technology.

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Huston L, Wojtys EM. Services on Demand Journal. Ovarian dysfunction and anovulation. Ovarian failure in galactosemia. Puede ser tentador ignorar el dato de que no te ha venido la regla durante varios meses seguidos, pero es importante recibir ayuda lo antes posible.

Eating, body weight and menstrual function.