Title: Ashes. Author: Ilsa J. Bick. Genre: Young Adult, Horror, Speculative Fiction. Publisher: Egmont USA Publication Date: September An electromagnetic pulse flashes across the sky, destroying every electronic device, wiping out every computerized system, and killing billions. Alex hiked into . SHADOWS pretty much picks up where ASHES left off and is a bigger and broader book, with a LOT going on, new characters to meet, new mysteries to unravel.

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Mar 18, Jake Rideout rated it really liked it. Tom says, ‘medical supplies. Apr 2 – Ashes 1: J.bicm just kept wanting to go back to the first half of the story and get Tom and Ellie back.

Alex tries to come to terms with her fate set before her. But then the second half cameā€¦ Second half: There are quiet periods. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. They just eat them. Harlan confesses and says that he last saw Ellie illsa Mina weeks before and south of Rule. I could feel myself shrieking inwardly as Alex experiences confusion and growing feelings for this character.


And–hear him out–they’ll go even father north, to someplace even less populated and figure out how to live off the land. The whole thing with the dogs though.

It’s not like she didn’t have TWO guns. Also the strength I loved in Alex through the first half seemed conspicuously absent in the second half.

Furthermore, this is a very traditional society organized along gender-specific tasks. Seite – Aside from being flat out amazed by it, I was slightly confused by the ending. Really short order–like about two days. Not really zombies because they are still alive but yes alive and eating other peoples is still pretty gross.


Well this question was the driving force of the story for me that kept me immersed and one that the reader will have to discover for themselves. Returning is her sense of smell Yes, I know I drive people nuts with that. This book started out with me just wanting to kick an 8 year old’s whiney butt.

Quite a few people gave it low marks for various things being “unbelievable”. No gruesome gory internal organ comments. I felt Bick captured the sense of what it’s like to be in the midwest woods, far from civilization.

With nowhere else to go, the winter digging in, Ellie gone, and no idea if Tom is still alive, Alex really has no choice ny to stay. Alex’s sardonic references to her brain tumor show that while she accepts that the tumor will eventually kill her, she won’t be going down without a fight. I went into this book expecting light entertainment but ended up liking everything about it more than I expected!

What it really breaks down to is 5 stars for the first half of the book and asehs stars for the second half. It becomes pretty obvious that j.bic, EMP affected human brains as well as the electronic devices. The second surprise was the scope of the novel. Pechschwarzer Mond, Teil 3.

A very few people have changed in a different way, developing super-senses that some are not afraid ilwa use to their advantage. One fish is bright blue and the other is neon orange. Let j.bico introduce Tom, he happens to be a explosive ordinance disposal expert. Deer run off a cliff, maddened for unknown reasons. After surviving a couple of kids who were gorging themselves with the intestines of a lone camper, Alex starts to develop alarming theories about what happened to whom, in which perimeter and why Ellie’s and her own brain did not turn them into juvenile cannibalists.


A perfect compliment, filling in the gaps in Alex’s survival knowledge. Alex is skilled in sewing up her dinner long story and shooting guns, rifles and other weapons! Or when it comes out. Still, “Ashes” is better constructed than the also fast-paced, pretty similarly-set, but city-based, romance-induced and self-published monster apocalypse Releasedwhich is to be had as a Kindle version for almost nothing.

This was a re-read for me. They don’t get reprieves, they don’t get spared, they don’t amazingly escape dangerous situations without some damage done at least.

Ashes Trilogy by Ilsa J. Bick

Not many authors do this and it makes her work all the stronger for it. Alex hiked into the woods to say good-bye to her dead parents and her personal demons. View all 6 comments. Which is pretty funky. She convinces Chris and Peter to leave the relative safety of Rule and go back for Tom. None of those lazy worldbuilding, OMG lurve triangle piles of horse poop. Honestly I can’t be bothered to recap it.

After Ellie and Tom disappear long storyAlex finds herself in this weird cult. And I hadn’t even finished it at that point.