: The Philosophy of Logical Atomism (Library of Living Philosophers ) (): Bertrand Russell, David Pears: Books. Bertrand Russell – – The Monist 29 (2) Logical Atomism in Russell and Wittgenstein. Bertrand Russell’s Philosophy of Logical Atomism. THE PHILOSOPHY OF LOGICAL ATOMISM. III. ATOMIC AND Mr. Russell: I was not going into the question of existence after Bertrand Russell. London.

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One possible interpretation would be to take Russell as holding that any atomic fact involving a certain group of particulars is logically independent of an atomic fact involving a distinct group of particulars, even if the two facts involve the same quality or relation see, e.

But it obviously is not. You can see it in another way.

Logical Atomism

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. You do not want to go back to the vagueness of the child or monkey, because you will find that quite sufficient difficulty is raised by your own vagueness.

You can only have it there as something to russelll asserted or denied or something of that sort, but not something to be named. In his theory of Logical Atomism, Russell posited the highly controversial idea that for every positive fact exists a parallel negative fact: Cornelius Benjamin – – [S.

Logical Atomism | philosophy |

The Monist 28 4: Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. In the analysis of “Plato talks with his pupils”, “Plato” needs to be replaced with something like “the man phhilosophy was the teacher of Aristotle”. A fact cannot be either true or false. Russell is sometimes interpreted as having reasoned in this way.


However, Moore’s characterization of a proposition as a complex of concepts was largely in keeping with traditional Aristotelian logic in which all judgments were thought to involve a subject concept, copula and predicate concept.

Because Russell believed it impossible for a finite mind to grasp a proposition of infinite complexity, however, Russell rejected a view according to which the false proposition designated by All numbers are odd. They are intended to express facts, which except when they are psychological facts will be about the outer world. Similarly, the proposition expressed by. The Cambridge History of Philosophy —Cambridge: The final section is dedicated to a discussion of the influence and reception of Russell’s logical atomism within the subsequent philosophical tradition.

It is very important to realize such things, for instance, as that propositions are not names for facts. It seems at least logically possible that while a complex may have parts, its parts might themselves be complex, and their parts might also be complex, and so on, ad infinitum.

You cannot properly name a fact.

Philosophical InvestigationsOxford: There is the type of mind which considers that what is called primitive experience must be a better guide to wisdom than the experience of reflective persons, and there is the type of mind which takes exactly the opposite view.

He has therefore no responsibility for what is said in these lectures beyond that of having originally supplied many of the theories contained in them.

An elementary proposition is false if there is no phillsophy complex. Discover some of the most interesting and trending topics of Consider the relation of being taller thanand consider the fact that Shaquille O’Neal is taller than Michael Jordan. Russell did on occasion also speak of analyzing a particular proposition of ordinary life. Another sort of a priori argument might stem from conceptions regarding the nature of analysis.


The pholosophy which I shall advocate is atomistic, as opposed to the monistic logic of the people who more or less follow Hegel.

As his career progressed, Ruszell became more and more prone to emphasize that what is important for his philosophical outlook is not absolute simplicity, but only relative simplicity.

Some of the notions that have been thought absolutely fundamental in philosophy have arisen, I believe, entirely through mistakes as to symbolism — e. Suppose it is a fact that Socrates is dead. AMi The Analysis of Mind.

Logical atomism – Wikipedia

This notion of truth serves as the ground for a hierarchy of different notions of truth applicable to different types of propositions depending on their complexity. Propositions, Functions, and Analysis: In particular, Russell took issue with the claim found in Bradley and others, that the notion of a fundamental relation between two distinct entities is incoherent.

It has these two ways, of being true and being false, which together correspond to the property of being a name.