Blood Pact (Gaunt’s Ghosts) [Abnett Dan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Gaunt and his men are his men are drawn into a web of intrigue . Blood Pact by Dan Abnett, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. , This article is about the novel; for the Chaos cult, see Blood Pact. Blood Pact is the twelfth novel in the Gaunt’s Ghosts series by Dan Abnett.

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Events turn as Gaunt is summoned to Balhaut’s Commissariat headquarters. Innokenti deploys nine specialist assassins to the Civitas Beati under the cover of the invasion.

Blood Pact : Dan Abnett :

Much better than the last two books. Want to Read saving…. The capital city of Tanith — surrounded by a giant wall, presumably to keep the nalwood trees from moving into the city dzn was Tanith Magna. After the gruelling events on Jago, the Tanith First is removed from active service for the first time since its founding and sent to Balhaut to perform garrison duties.

With heretical witchcraft influencing the populace and a determined hunter pursuing them, who can Gaunt turn to for aid? It feels lived in, alive – If there’s one thing Abnett does well, it’s write a kick-butt action sequence.

It is not clear if Tanith had any functioning planetary defence artillery batteries, but it is likely that the Tanith Militia fought back against the invaders.

The time inconsistencies can be explained as either a minor oversight or an example of how Warp Travel can play havoc with perception of when events happened.

Blood Pact by Dan Abnett

A Tanith longshoreman featured briefly in Titanicus also by Abnettand drunkenly accused the Orestes PDF of being “fething amateurs”. Jul 05, Alfred Janson rated it really liked it. Without giving anything away there is a character by the name of Jaume who make s a living by fabricating memorials for deceased members of the Imperial military to be given to their families.


Blood Pact is the abhett entry in the hugely popular Gaunt’s Ghosts series set in the Warhammer 40, universe. The Van Star Short Story.

Although they are all enjoyable, Mr. Gaunt doesn’t trust Mabbon, he’d be crazy to, but the Blood Pact’s blitz forces him to keep Mabbon alive long enough to try and learn what’s going on. Meanwhile Chaos forces have inserted themselves into the planet, using plentiful witchcraft to hide and to hunt.

As always, the book left me waiting impatiently for more of my favorite Imperial Army misfits. Instead the Ghost’s are kicking their heels on Balhaut, the scene of Gaunt’s first major success back when he was in Commissar with the Hyrkans.

After the battle for Herodor in Sabbat Martyr and before the events on Ancreon Sextus in His Last CommandGaunt and a hand-picked team of Ghosts were deployed to da Chaos-held world Gereon, on a mission to find General Noches Sturm and rescue him from his captors or kill him if the mindlock on his memories had been broken. Instead Dalin asks Kolea about his parents, and Kolea replies as if he knew them well.

It is assumed that Tanith had one major sea or ocean and polar ice caps. Mostly too much focus on Gaunt instead of the other soldiers. Colonel-Commissar Gaunt and his Ghosts face opposition from not only the enemy, but also their fellow Guard regiments and the local politicians. The story forms a coda to Only in Death. This marks the first demonstration of the hatred that Colonel Draker Flense, the commander of the Jantine Patricians who suggested that Dravere give the assault order, has for Colonel-Commissar Gaunt.

However, the rest of the Tanith First face their own trials as pac await deployment; a great unease is brewing between the Tanith and the Verghastite soldiers, and a crime case involving several Ghosts highlights this divide.

Gaunt’s Ghosts

While the initial stages of the novel set up the characters nicely, once the focus shifts to the story everything is cranked up a gear and Abnett’s storytelling prowess comes into full force. Balhaut is also the place where the dead are commemorated and its industry revolves around both this and catering to the Imperial forces stationed there. The main Tanith curse-word is fethwhich is used in the same context as “fuck”, but it is also the name of an ancient Tanith tree-god.


Against a backdrop of increasing bad behaviour and insubordination, Gaunt is secretly summoned by Guard Intelligence. However, much of Sin’s Infardi horde has pulled back into the hills; leaving the Ghosts with no choice but to fight the heretics while at the same time fighting the elements and navigating the unfamiliar terrain.

The prisoner insists that he wishes to help the Imperium, but this claim is met with skepticism pcat Gaunt.

This small fleet attacked and conquered six worlds, one of which was Tanith. Book ratings by Goodreads.

Blood Pact

After sixteen months of fighting as part of the Gereon Resistance, Colonel-Commissar Gaunt and his team escape the Chaos-held world and return to Imperial territory. A slightly different book from Abnett’s normal battlefield Gaunt’s Ghosts efforts – this is more on-the-run thriller, crossed with double-cross spy novel. Hardcoverpages. However, he is forced to protect the prisoner and go to ground in the city when a Blood Pact insertion team storms the facility in an attempt to silence the prisoner.

The plot of ‘Blood Pact’ somewhat mirrors that of ‘Traitor General’, with Etogaur Mabbon in place of Noches Sturm, but differs with the assassination squad holding the upper hand over their target’s captors.

The storyline of The Armour of Contempt shifts at regular intervals, between the perspectives of Dalin Criid and the rest of the Ghosts.