CONCORD BLUE DEVILS Battery Audition Info BD5 – Triplet- Diddle: This exercise has been around for many years, and is still the best one to . BD/Triplet-Diddle BD/Flams Malfred (cadence). The package includes a score and complete set of parts. Instrumentation: Snare, Tenors, 5 Bass. Blue Devils Drumline – Triplet Diddle June 20 – The drumline plays through an exercise.

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Triplet Diddle by The Blue Devils.

I have just released a song from the Blue Devils’ warm up. It’s called Triplet Diddle. My method of making love is quite different than you might expect.

Blue devils center snare

I prefer to find a girl taking a nap at the local preschool, and then make love to them as they scream in my large, sound-proofed, white van. I then make love on their face, and throw them in an ice-chest of bleach.


For pillow talk, I usually say, “Your parents can’t hear you,” and keep their teddy bear as a momento. You could call me a hopeless romantic, I guess. New Sim by me!

Triplet Diddle by The Blue Devils – Flash Flash Revolution: Community Forums

My high school mascot was a blue devil. My college mascot also happens to be a blue devil I’m gonna guess you are going with some other band though.

Perhaps, the Concord Blue Devils drum corps? Oh no, I’m not with the Blue Devils drum corp, although that would own.

I just love their music and decided to step some of there cadences. I do crappily on it, but thats cuz i suck. All times are GMT The time now is Where the old people come to die.

Originally Posted by mead1 My method of making love is quite different than you might expect. So has anyone actually played it tripet wants to comment on it?