Bones [Chenjerai Hove] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A reissue of this proclaimed novel, and Zimbabwean classic, that won both the. At only pages long, Chenjerai Hove’s Bones is by no means small in context or theme. Rather, it is a complex story often looking. Bones. by Chenjerai Hove. A reissue of this proclaimed novel, and Zimbabwean classic, that won both the Zimbabwe Book Publishers’ Association first prize for.

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Book Review: Bones by Chenjerai Hove – Global Black History

Chenjerai Hove born February 9,is a Zimbabwean poetnovelist and essayist. He was educated at the University of South Africa and the University of Zimbabweand has worked as an educator and journalist.

Chenjerai Hove has published numerous novels, poetry anthologies and collections of essays and reflections. Hove, wish you eternity in exile. If it was not because of your exile it could have been worst.

Monday, December 31, Book Review of Bones. The book is set on a farm in post colonial Zimbabwe though when you first read it you think it is still colonial Rhodesia. This is powerful portrayal of the prevailing theme that for the ordinary illiterate woman on the farm the promise of independence has still not been realized and it is business as usual.


Hove has a mastered the art of creating a setting that speaks volumes without using words. The book has many voices and is based on the Shona tradition of interactive storytelling around a fire and each person listen while the storyteller speaks. Marita is the main character a woman who has been shunned by society when she cannot conceive.

She bears the burden of womanhood, loss of son and illiteracy and poverty at the hands of her cruel employer Manyepo Liar the white farmer who constantly verbally abuses her and others. She is outspoken contrary to tradition which believes that women vhenjerai to be seen and not heard.

Book Review: Bones by Chenjerai Hove

She humanizes the struggles of the forgotten people in society that has moved on while others are let behind searching for answers and a way forward. She is not a complainer, just a woman who is searching for her son. She forges a relationship with a young lady in which she is like the mother in law to the Janifa whom her son once wrote a love letter to. The love letter is the means by which they connect and what holds their hope and her connection to the future.

At face value one may despise him for his methods but we empathize with his character. This book gives an insight in the conditions on a colonial farm where there is total disregard for human life.


The story of the father who works at the sugar plantation and angers his foreman is thrown into the fire. The life of a father has little value to bj plantation owner but when he disappears there are not consequences but the family is left grieving, they have no voice.

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