Brain on Fire has ratings and reviews. When twenty-four-year- old Susannah Cahalan woke up alone in a hospital room, strapped to her bed. In , Susannah Cahalan was 24 years old and living the kind of New York life . He turned to my parents and said, ‘Her brain is on fire. Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness [Susannah Cahalan] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An award-winning memoir and instant New .

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Susannah Cahalan is a reporter and book reviewer at the New York Post. InSusannah Cahalan was a healthy year-old reporter for the New York Postwhen she began to experience numbness, paranoia, sensitivity to light and erratic behavior. Grasping for an answer, Cahalan asked herself as it was happening, “Am I just bad at my job — is that why? Is the pressure of it getting to me? Is it a new relationship?

But Cahalan only got worse — she began to experience seizures, hallucinations, increasingly psychotic behavior and even catatonia. Her symptoms frightened family members and baffled a series of doctors. Souhel Najjar, who asked her to draw a clock on a piece of paper.

Brain on Fire | Book by Susannah Cahalan | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

As Najjar put it to her parents, “her brain was on fire. Cahalan says that doctors think the illness may account for cases of “demonic braib throughout history. Your purchase helps support NPR programming. This was all told to me after the fact.

He thought maybe I was just angry because I hadn’t slept for days, and he knew that it was really frustrating. And so he thought, ‘Maybe she’s just venting her frustration. And he saw that my eyes were wide open but susannaah unseeing, and at that point he tried to shake me and say, ‘Are you OK, Sue?


And I bit my tongue so that blood and kind of a combination of blood and foam was rire out of my mouth. And he had the presence of fure — and I think this is incredible — to know that this was a seizure because I had never had a seizure before. Suannah so he turned me on my side and he called And [that’s, for me] I didn’t have proper control over my swallowing I kept my arms out in unnatural poses. At one point, I was like the Bride of Frankenstein — I kept my arms out rigidly. I could hardly walk, and when I did, I needed to be supported I started [acting] very psychotic.

I believed that I could eusannah people with my mind. If Susxnnah looked at them, wrinkles would form, and if I looked away, they would suddenly, magically get younger. And I believed that my father had murdered my stepmother. I believed all these incredibly paranoid — a huge, extreme example of persecution complex.

And then as the days went on, I stopped being as psychotic, and I started entering into a catatonic stage, which was characterized by just complete lack of emotion, inability to relate, or to read, or hardly to be able to speak.

She was a bulldog.

I mean she would not take ‘no’ for an answer, especially in the beginning when they were saying it was alcohol withdrawal and partying. She refused to see that as an answer, and so she did her own research. At home, after a day at the hospital, she’d make a list of all the different terminology they used, and she’d look it up and, you know, not everyone is capable of doing that.


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I was so lucky to have someone there for me that could do that. If everyone could susannag someone like that, it would just be a better world. On the possible connection between her rare immune disease and cases of “demonic possession” throughout history. In a lot of children, you see hypersexuality. Even my grunts and these guttural sounds that came from me sounded superhuman to someone who might be inclined to think that way.

When you see videos of people — in fact, when I see videos of myself — demonic possession is not far from your mind.

It wasn’t far from Stephen’s mind when he first saw that seizure. And I’ve talked to many people who’ve had this disease, and one woman I spoke to actually asked for a priest because she said, ‘The firf is inside of me.

I need it out. You can see throughout history why people would believe this.

Read an excerpt of Brain On Fire. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. A Young Reporter Recounts Her Descent Into Madness In her memoir, Susannah Cahalan writes about the month she descended into madness, experiencing seizures, paranoia, psychosis and catatonia.

At first, her family was frightened, and her bfain, baffled.

“Brain on Fire” by Susannah Cahalan

A rare autoimmune disease that was attacking her brain. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. November 14, Heard on Fresh Air. Amazon iBooks Independent Booksellers.