View and Download Brother MFCCN user manual online. Brother user guide printer MFCC, MFCCN. MFCCN Printer pdf manual download. free pdf instructions. Find the office and computer equipment manual you need at ManualsOnline. Brother MFCCN Printer User Manual. Page 1. Page 2. Brother MFCCN User Manual • Troubleshooting and routine maintenance 11 – 2 • Brother Printers.

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Brother Printer MFCCN User Guide |

Plus, BES 4 includes a new wireless upgrade for select Brother machines, and a convenient BES Cloud web application for free storage and basic editing capabilities. The LCD shows the ink volume. Main Menu Submenu 3. Borderless printing is available for Letter, 4″x6″, 5″x8″, 5″x7″, A4, A6, 3.

MFCCN | PrintersAIOsFaxMachines | By Brother

It does not recognize any other numbers or file names that your digital camera or PC have used to identify the pictures. Menu Options Selections 3. Selecting On allows the MFC to receive fax calls automatically, even if you lift the handset of an 40cn or external phone. Page 19 Caller ID Pages will be stacked in the order,and so on. Page 23 Color Start Lets you start sending faxes or making copies in full color.

Recommended Paper Majual get the best print quality, we suggest using Brother paper. Page 8 Authorized Service Centers, Distributors, Dealers, Agents or employees, shall create another warranty or modify this warranty. Special Characters And Symbols Special characters and symbols Pressand then press the special character or symbol you want.


Pull the jammed document out to the right or left. Pull out the jammed paper to remove it. For each new cartridge you installed, press pad to automatically reset the ink dot counter for that color.

Access codes and credit card numbers Sometimes you may want to choose from several long distance carriers when you make a call. Auto Reduction — 6.

Page – Connecting an external telephone answeri Order a new ink cartridge. Page Pack the printed materials in the original carton as shown below. Main Menu Submenu 4. TX is set to Off. Page Main Menu Submenu 2. Setting the Station ID You should store your name or company name and fax number so they print on all fax pages you send. Most number keys have three or four letters printed above them. If the cartridge cover comes off when you open the bag the cartridge will not be damaged.

Glossary This is a safety feature so you will not lose messages during a power failure. Increasing copy speed or quality You can select the copy quality. Insert the media card firmly into the media drive slot.

For maximum printer life, it is best to choose a printer with a duty cycle that far exceeds your print requirements.

Brother MFC-420CN Printer User Manual

Important Safety Instructions Important safety instructions Read all of these instructions. See DPOF printing on page Turning Off Remote Fax Options If you pressthe memory will not be erased and the setting will be unchanged.

Optional Paper Trays capacity Maximum capacity based on using 20 lb. Setting the Beeper Volume You can change the beeper volume.


Using a cordless external handset If your cordless telephone is connected to the EXT. You can not change the Receive Mode from Manual to another mode.

Enter the fax number using the dial pad, Speed-Dial or Search. Even if you turned the MFC off, it will periodically clean the print head to preserve print quality. Put the next document on the scanner glass. You can check this by printing the Print Quality Check Sheet and looking at the nozzle check pattern.

When the beeper is on, the MFC will beep when you press a key, make a mistake or you send or receive a fax. There is no service center within miles of me. Cropping The default setting is On. Cable s not included.

Contrast Auto Light Dark 2. Save them for later reference. Register your product By registering your product with Brother International Corporation, you will be recorded as the original owner of the product. Printer jam or paper jam Remove the jammed paper depending on where it is jammed in the MFC. Press to scan the next page.

Sending faxes using multiple settings When you send a fax you can choose any combination of these settings: 420dn are quiet, intermittent beeps every 4-seconds.