Buy Celestron C8-A-XLT CGE 8″ f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope (OTA Only) featuring 8″ (mm) Schmidt-Cassegrain OTA, mm Focal Length, f/ High quality Celestron C8 SCT optical tubes are an ideal upgrade for large aperture chasers. Buy now on sale from Celestron’s Official Australian Dealer. View the night sky or terrestrial landscapes with the Celestron C8-A SCT, an unmounted Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with premium StarBright XLT coatings !.

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By using our shop you agree to the use of cookies. Focus is the same in both directions, unlike some moving-mirror systems where the sweet-spot has moved when you back out.

Almost any accessory can be used. It was still fork and wedge mounted. Later versions have PEC. As a result, they look unusually large for an 8″ SCT. The C8 is a modern telescope fur universal application.

This generally didn’t pose a problem for the lighter scopes like the C5 and C8, but the entire contraption got a little unwieldy as you got to the 11″ and 14″ models. Poor scopes often have imprecise focus because spherical aberration makes parts of the optic focus light to a slightly different point than others. Not available with current selections.

We’ll email you a link to a page where you can easily create a new password. The Celestar 8 was a back-to-basics non-computerized C8. CGE dovetail plate Compatible with Losmandy-style saddles. It’s mostly a curiosity now, but the model does have some devotees. It’s the mount, drives, and accessories that you need to be concerned about. A four button hand control unit and motor on the declination axis provide the ability to make guiding corrections. So the new C8 gives excellent views of many types of object, but particularly the Moon and planets, which reveal lots of detail through the C8 in good seeing.


Near the zenith and in good seeing, Jupiter revealed a wealth of detail at x with an 11mm TV Plossl. You still see some of these around. High-quality materials and precisely CNC machined parts provide a high stability and accuracy which is necessary especially for astrophotography. Its introduction saw, for the first time, a large aperture, xelestron telescope design with superior optical quality at an accessible price.

Celestron C8-A-XLT CGE 8″ f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain XLT

The smaller C90 Maksutov filled in the lower end of the range. The Edge 8 models feature excellent correction at the edges of the field for astrophotographers.

The scope was an immediate success, offering high quality optics in a compact package that 8c reasonably affordable. If your mount accepts the wider CGE style bars it is the preferred choice. Don’t pay too much ccelestron if any for a computerized mount. Do the coatings look good? Special Order Update Location close. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time.

Clock drives sometimes sit unused for decades.

Celestron C8-A XLT SCT Optical Tubes

The C8 scopes at the time came in one compact 23 lb swing-through unit. StarBright XLT employs multi-layer mirror coatings and multiple layers of magnesium and hafnium fluoride on the corrector plate. Like celedtron Cassegrainsthe C8 focuses internally by moving the main mirror. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. The CGE wide dovetail plate has a profile 75mm wide at its base. Unless you had a mount for it which hardly anybody did back then the scope was pretty much useless without the wedge and tripod.


For decades, this instrument convinces amateur astronomers with very good performance. Also included is a removable 1. The accessories delivered with the C8. Yes – 6 x 30 Finder Included. At first this raised some eyebrows, but overall, the alliance has been good. Theoretically you could get about 1. Yes – 1 Eyepiece Included.

Enter the Email associated with your account, then click Submit. It took the resources of a large company to mass produce Schmidt-Cassegrains, which were much more complicated to make.

Application of the Celestron C8: Numerous belts and partial belts in the polar regions were seen, as were variations in the width and tone of the NEB and SEB and small dark storms in the polar regions.

Together with the use of high transmission water white float glass in the corrector plate the result is markedly improved light transmission. You made the commitment to purchase, now you want that new item fast, we get it!