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VLZ. ™. 16 CHANNEL MIC/LINE MIXER. SERVICE MANUAL. Contents. Pg . . SIP R. PFL. SOLO. MACKIE CRVLZ. SIGNAL FLOW. VSD. Unlike my old CR, the VLZ Pro provides balanced XLR mic inputs with phantom power on all 16 channels. (A switch on the rear. Mackie CRVLZ Channel Mic/Line Mixer w/ ManualUsed, but in great condition. We used this board as our in-house mixer for our PA.

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Lemme know what you think! Call me ignorant, but that just feels too “jacked” to work that way. The EQ sounds real and is generally pretty clean sounding Mic 48dB, Lines Not satisfied with those reviews?

The Mackie CR is a 16 channel analog mixer. If it makes you more comfortable there is a cable you can buy go to zZounds and look in the insert cable section that will let you plug all the way into it and use a mono cable.

Mackie CR Mixer Preamps good for recording? Keeping this in mind, you’re definitely getting a good amount for a relatively small amount of money I can not talk about Micro preamps, I do not use.

The preamps will get c job done more times than not, and are perfect for situations in a professional studio where you might need some extra preamps in addition to your outboard ones.

I just revise and change mine 6. Which is why I upgraded mine. Even in a home studio, unless you need a lot of preamps, I’d recommend just picking up a few really good ones. Originally Posted by mixsit. Request a new review. Yes The usual functions are they easily accessible? Having said this, on the plus side the CR won’t cost you too much money at all.


I used my Mackie’s with a Fostex XH 4 track cassette studio back in the day. It allowed me to still use the inserts for compressors if I was recording a live show. What is so special that you like most and least?

Mackie CR VLZ Reviews & Prices | Equipboard®

The ‘s Mono Main Out is similarly capable of either Balanced or Unbalanced output and the unbalanced signal is also 6dB lower. I don’t think its any of the newer VLZ versions. I ended up skipping that original cr Did you find this review helpful? Enter your search terms Submit search form. The legends says that even the first 2 albums were mixes of Daft on one CR and sister of the vz.

Sort by most recent most useful. Log in Become a member. Thanks for the replies! I 6104 3 years in the late 90s and I have a resume because she left me good memories and use sound Don’t know if your still looking for a mixer vl not or, even if your still looking at that “old school” Mackie.

The rponse is yes because I could not find a table with the same rack routing capabilities that level of quality and low price. The time now is Results 1 to 9 16604 9. If you insert a unbalanced cable all the way, it will interrupt the signal to the main mix bus.

Other features include a pan knob and a mute button for each channel. A priori nothing serious once in a mix, as the noise levels are too low.

Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. Basically, the CR has all of the bells and whistles that you need and expect from an analog mixer. I’m wondering, do you think the pre’s on that somewhat older 90’s? Trs good manual, and document possible changes to the site Mackie.


They are decently clean sound enough where they will be fine for recording most things, although they’re ct not up to par with most mid and high end preamps out there. I haven’t seen the manual, so I can’t say anything about its make up, but if you’re new to analog mixers it would be a good idea to have it around.

There isn’t anything out of the ordinary here, so those who know a bit about analog mixers will be able to adapt quickly to using this one.

Did some more research on those and the thing is just too old school. Personally I hear the crosstalk.

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I will warn that there’s been a lot of intermittent’ ribbon connector issues with these mixers to be aware of. Each channel also has a three band parametric equalizer. Here’s the signal flow: By tyler in forum Mixing Techniques. Mackie best product to date preamps worthy of pro gear that!!

There are also four assignable channels as well, with auxiliary sends and controls on each of 164 sixteen main channels. Skip to Main Content Area.

Mackie tech support says that changing the jacks’ wiring is not an easy modification to make, as the jacks are board-mounted.