Shakti Gawain is known around the world as an innovator in the areas of self development, particular when it comes to our definition of consciousness. Themes. Created to complement the classic book Creative Visualization, the In each meditation, Shakti Gawain describes specific images and directs. Listen to Creative Visualization Meditations audiobook by Shakti Gawain. Stream and download audiobooks to your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

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Creative Visualization Meditations Audiobook | Shakti Gawain |

Biography Shakti Gawain is known around the world as an innovator in the areas of self development, particular when it comes to our definition of consciousness.

After growing up in a highly academic environment, Gawain was forced to question the greater meaning of life after the deterioration of a romantic relationship. After a trip to India, she became enamored of its culture and this formed the basis of her later work.

She gave up everything material, and reduced all of her possessions to what fit in a travel bag. Since writing down her experiences and ideas, she has found a huge audience, and her books are now international best-sellers. Themes that can be traced throughout her work are the idea of consciousness as a source of divinity, our connectedness to nature and the earth, the importance of creativity, and the power of visualization in reaching one’s goals.


Gawain lives with her husband Jim in California and Hawaii. We Recommend To start off with, we suggest Creating True Prosperityan audio book that asks you to think of wealth as having nothing to do with financial prosperity and everything to do with the cultivation of the soul.

Gawain says money is the path to balance in our lives, and shows listeners the healthiest way to use it. Next up Gawain takes listeners into the world of meditation in her audio program Meditations in which Shakti Gawain leads you on four exceptional guided meditations.

Learn about the meditatuons techniques that will help you open up the parts of your body that affect positive change. If you are looking for new spiritual ideas or want to benefit from hearing Gawain read her own work, there is no other place for you to look. Use the power of your imagination to help create what you want in life!

This best selling guide Learn how to use the power of your imagination to create what you want in life! Based on Shakti Gawain’s A fantastic boyage awaits.

Creative Visualization Meditations by Shakti Gawain

In this three-CD set, Shakti Gawain gently leads us through four exceptional guided meditations. Shakti Gawain, a leader in the world consciousness movement, teaches us to view prosperity not as Everyone has had moments when they simply “knew” something.


Sometimes we follow these thoughts and other times we ignore them. Most of us learn as young children to suppress these unexplained impulses There’s nothing quite like a child’s sense of wonder. Inspired by the pioneering work of Dr.

In the first edition of Living in the LightShakti Gawain introduced to millions of readers In this collection of original writing, 16 of the most revered teachers in religion and psychology celebrate Learn to create an “inner sanctuary” inside yourself and give your inner guide an opportunity Get all 60 of our published audio books for free: Download 60 Free Audio Books.

Search Go Advanced Search. Shakti Gawain Audio Medktations Shakti Gawain is known around the world as an innovator in the areas of self development, particular when it shakkti to our definition of consciousness.

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Shakti Gawain Audio

Discovering Your Inner Child. Audio Download Audio CD. Living in the Light. For the Love of God. Contacting Your Inner Guide.