: The Astral Plane: Its Scenery, Inhabitants And Phenomena ( ): C. W. Leadbeater: Books. The Astral Plane by ater, founder of the Theosophical society, in a wonderful insight into the unseen world and the dynamics of our universe. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page

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All who see fully on that plane agree that to attempt to call up a vivid picture of this astral scenery before those [13] whose eyes are as yet unopened is like speaking to a blind man of the exquisite variety of tints in a sunset sky — however detailed and elaborate the description may be, there is no certainty that the idea presented before the hearer’s mind will be an adequate representation of the truth.

Similarly, descending into the astral plane he forms his astral or desire-body out of its matter, though still retaining leadbeaetr the other bodies, and on his still further descent to this lowest plane of all the physical body is formed according to the etheric mould supplied by the Lords of Karma.

Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. First of all, the whole of the physical matter of the rock is seen, instead of a small part of it; secondly, the vibrations of its physical particles are perceptible; thirdly, it is seen to possess an astral counterpart composed of various grades of astral matter, whose particles are also in constant motion; fourthly, the Universal Divine Life is clearly to be seen working in it as it works in the whole creation, though naturally its manifestations differ greatly at successive stages of its descent into matter, and for the sake of convenience each stage has its own name.

The dimensions of our astral world are considerable, and we are able to determine them with some approach to accuracy from the fact that our astral world touches that of the moon at perigee, [17] but does not reach it at apogee; but naturally the contact is confined to the highest type of astral matter.

Even in the case of the latter the features and shape of the inner forms are recognizable always, though blurred and indistinct, but the surrounding egg scarcely deserve the atsral, for it is in fact a mere shapeless wreath of mist, having neither regularity nor permanence of outline. Those victims of sudden death whose earth-lives have been pure and noble have no lewdbeater for this plane, and so the time of their sojourn upon it is passed, to quote from an early letter on this subject, either in “happy ignorance and full oblivion, or in a state of quiet slumber, a sleep full of rosy dreams.

Within similarly wide limits may vary also the length of their lives upon the astral plane, for while there are those who pass only a few days or hours there, others remain upon this level for many years and even centuries. Nor are the creatures of these worlds unimportant because minute, for upon a knowledge of the habits and condition of some of those microbes depends our ability to preserve health, and in many cases life itself.

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. For such an entity as one of these to meet with a medium with whom he is in affinity is indeed a terrible misfortune; not only does it enable him to prolong enormously his dreadful astral life, but it renews for perhaps an indefinite period his power to generate evil karma, and so leavbeater for himself a future incarnation of the most degraded character, besides running the risk of losing a large portion of such mind-power as he may happen to possess.


But in all cases of phenomena, there was the omission, through oversight, or leadbeated some other reason, of some important evidential fact. The book now expands in various smaller entities that treat the astral life of specific kinds of people, as in principle Leadbeater stated that the astral body significantly differs according to the spiritual development of the person.

The noble and pure-minded man will be able to do this, for he has subdued all earthly passions during life; the force of his will has been directed into higher channels, and there is therefore but [48] little energy of lower desire to be worked out on the astral plane. The Psychically-developed Person who is not under the guidance of a Master. Water and air interpenetrate the earth to a small extent; water also rises in the air in the shape of clouds, but only to a astgal height; solid matter may be thrown up into the air by violent convulsions, as in the great eruption of Krakatoa inwhen the volcanic dust reached the height of seventeen miles, and took three years to settle down again; but it does settle down eventually, just as the water drawn up into the air by evaporation returns to us as rain.

The second sub-plane seems especially the habitat of the selfish or unspiritual religionist; here he wears his golden crown and worships his own grossly material representation of the particular deity of leadneater country and time. The Adept and his Pupils.

In this book, which is more like a sacred text than anything lpane, he illustrates very calmly another order of existence discovered through his practice of Astral projection; Yoga with an edge, one might call it.

The Astral Plane by C. W. Leadbeater

Why cannot he write or speak without a medium? It is as if Blake’s mind made manacles crack, but something more happens as well. Not a fun place to hang around in, on any level. It is with a true instinct that the Hindu religion prescribes its Shraddha ceremonies and the Catholic Church its prayers for the dead.

In trying to answer that question we must endeavour to realize that, to the clairvoyant eye, the physical body of man appears surrounded by what we call the aura — a luminous coloured mist, roughly ovoid in shape, and extending to a distance of some eighteen inches from the body in all directions. The astounding characteristic of our universe is that, while it is multi-layered like an onion, it is interconnected and interacts simultaneously on all levels at once.

Not so for the clairvoyant for he can sense the fluctuant, vibrational, flowing nature of this field. It sometimes happens, however, that the desire for communication is from the other side, and that the dead man has something which he specially desires to say to those whom he has left behind. The pupil has to be tested in all sorts of ways and under all conceivable conditions; indeed, towards the end of the tuition sportive nature-spirits are especially called in and ordered in every way possible to endeavour to confuse or mislead the seer.

The Astral Plane by C. W. Leadbeater – Free Ebook

It is, however, more frequently temporarily vitalized in quite another pplane, which will be described under the next head. For the sake of illustration take a rock as an example of the simpler class of objects.

What this creates are elementals or thought-forms and these thought forms are more or less permanent, and gain permanence over time and also depending on the emotional energy invested in those thoughts.

The Astral Plane is an interesting place. Clairvoyance by Charles W. Its Scenery, Inhabitants and Phenomena’ is a quite dumbfounding account of the astral world from the perspective of a highly-developed clairvoyant.

When the separation of the principles is complete, the astral life of the person is over, and, as before stated, he passes into the mental condition. Very complex description of the different levels of the astral plane, based on an ancient form of Buddism, complete with names etc. In addition to all this an aura will be seen surrounding it, though this is much less extended and varied than in the case of the higher kingdoms; [27] and its appropriate elemental inhabitants may be seen — though these should more properly be described as gnomes, a variety of nature-spirit.


Oct 15, Shyam Shendur rated it it was amazing. A Theosophical Classic describing what the Astral Plane is, its advantages, its dangers, what types of spirits inhabit it, what it is like, and how to get there. It must be understood that the matter of each plane or sub-plane interpenetrates that of the plane or sub-plane below it, so that here at the surface of the earth all exist together in the same space, although it is true that the higher varieties of matter extend further away from the physical earth than the lower.

When our departed brother is sinking peacefully and naturally into the unconsciousness which [63] precedes his awakening amid the glories of the heaven-world, he is too frequently aroused from his dreamy happiness into vivid remembrance of the earth-life which he has lately left, solely by the action of the passionate sorrows and desires of his friends on earth, which awaken corresponding vibrations in his own desire-body, and so cause him acute discomfort.

Entities inhabiting these levels lose sight of the earth and its belongings; they are usually deeply self-absorbed, and to a large extent create their own surroundings, though these are sufficiently objective to be perceptible to other entities and also to clairvoyant vision.

Whether he will remember fully and accurately on the physical plane what he has done or learnt on the other depends largely upon whether he is able to carry his consciousness without intermission from the one state to the other. All cultured people, belonging to the higher races of the world, have at the present time their astral senses very fairly developed, so that, if they were sufficiently aroused to examine the realities which surround them during sleep, they would be able to observe them and learn much from them.

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Grief over departed family members and friends is not only unwise but is to their detriment, a fact that is stressed now frequently by channeled messages, and begins to be known in modern society.

Now, as Ervin Laszlo attempts to describe in Science and the Akashic Field, the ether, zero-point-field, ch’i, orgone, prana, mana or however you want to call it, is very difficult to grasp for the observer.

Bishop Leadbeater first met Dr. It is seen as an oval mass of luminous mist of highly complex structure, asfral from its shape has sometimes been called the auric egg. He is unable to borrow this material from an ordinary person, because such a man’s principles would be too closely linked together to be separated by any means likely to be at his command, but the very essence of mediumship is the ready separability of the principles, so from a medium he can draw without difficulty the matter he needs for his manifestation, whatever it ;lane be.

His consciousness is quite complete, and he roams at will through all the divisions of the plane with equal facility.

The Lodge did no public propaganda, and had no open meetings; but three or four times a year a meeting was held at the house of Mr. Neither here nor there, the book is helpful for serious students, but it is not perhaps beneficial for non-intellectuals.