Datura inoxia showing typical symptoms of Begomovirus infection (i.e., leaf curling, decreased leaf size and growth stunting) was observed in the fields of. D. inoxia, known as Toloache in Mexico, was one of the plants of the gods among the Aztecs and other Indians. A low-growing, spreading perennial with hairy *Datura inoxia Miller, Gard. Dict. 8th edn, no. 5 (). T: Cultivated from seeds collected in Vera Cruz, Mexico, Chelsea Phys. Gard. no. ; neo: BM, fide A.S. .

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Many members of the Solanaceae deadly nightshade famly contain datuura variety of defensive chemicals that are both useful and problematic. If in doubt consult an expert. Each flower will unravel in the evening to reveal a fragrant trumpet-shaped bloom that only lasts until noon the following day. Brugmansia species may be confused with Datura species. Mature leaves broadly ovate, the lamina up to 20 cm long, almost entire, slightly sinuate, or irregularly lobed towards base.

Datura leichhardtiiDatura met el, Datura inoxia and Datura wrightii can be differentiated from these two species as their capsules are held on a curved stalk, and they produce brown or yellow seeds.

Both plants have a trumpet shaped flower; but those of brugmansias point downwards while datura’s daturw most often point upward. Bulbils the plant does not appear to have bulbils Bulblets replace flowers there are no bulblets where the flowers are located. For more information about QR Codes click here.


For details, please check with your state. They serve no economic purpose and possess characteristics that are harmful to humans, animals or the environment and several Australian states. Noxious Weeds of Australia.

Full Key All other flowering non-woody plants All other herbaceous, flowering dicots Datura inoxia. You will receive a range of benefits including: In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Retrieved 1 June Datura innoxia is quite similar to D. Aconitum aconite Atropa belladonna belladonna Cannabis medical use Castoreum Coca Conium hemlock Datura innoxia thorn-apple Datura metel devil’s trumpet Hyoscyamus niger henbane Lactucarium Mandragora officinarum mandrake Opium Saussurea saw-wort Willow.

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Persistent base of calyx to 20 mm long, very prominent. This is a potent cholinergic-blocking hallucinogen, which has been used to calm schizoid patients[]. When ripe, the capsule splits open, dispersing the seeds. Leaflet number 0 Leaflet petiolules NA Inoxiz per node there is one leaf per node along the stem Pinnately compound leaf type NA Specific leaf type the leaves are simple i. The alkaloids of inixia plants are very similar to those of mandrakedeadly nightshadeand henbanewhich are also highly poisonous plants used cautiously for effective pain relief in antiquity.

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Downy Inoxiq Apple, Pricklyburr. These wide variations make Datura exceptionally hazardous to use as a drug. Some people find the flowers fragrant at night, when the plant is blooming.

This QR Code is unique to this page. Although the originally mis-spelled species name was meant to indicate that the plant was “inoffensive,” this species like many others in the genus contains alkaloids atropine, hyoscine, and hyoscyamine that are quite poisonous and psychoactive.


Synonyms Datura meteloides, auct. Datura innoxia is an annual shrubby plant that typically reaches a height of 0. Habitat Anthropogenic man-made or disturbed habitatsshores of rivers or lakes. Alien weeds and invasive plants.

Garden Uses Borders, containers. All parts of the plant are anodyne, antispasmodic, hallucinogenic, hypnotic eatura narcotic[, ]. Datura inoxia – Mill. Purchase plants from nurseries in spring or start seeds indoors about weeks before last spring frost. However, the plant is now considered an invasive species in several locations.

The scientific name is often cited as D. Only comments or links that are felt to be directly relevant to a plant darura be included.

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It is hardy to zone UK 9 and is frost tender. Flowers are followed by downy spherical fruit covered with stiff spines, hence the sometimes used common name of downy thorn apple for this plant. The Datura and Daturw Society has superb images of this species in all its life stages on its site: