Market Mind Games has 46 ratings and 6 reviews. Terry said: Denise Shull is a neuroscientist and former trader. Given her background, I was expecting an. In Market Mind Games, Denise combines her years of study in neuroscience with her Denise Shull’s Market Mind Games is iconoclastic to say the very least!. Market Mind Games: Emotion, risk and market behaviors, by Denise K. Shull, M.A.

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Market Mind Games (Audiobook) by Denise Shull |

Of course this third one will take a little help marlet figure out, and even more diligence to manage. Understand the data source of the feeling—the real impetus—and you will not only understand the behavior but have a new and powerful lever into how to choose behavior that best serves your purposes. And, most important, they work. Todd rated it it was denisee Oct 29, Once when I began trading, and then while I was trading.

This means that reactions occur more quickly and just the dimension of speed creates phenomena never seen before. Notes and Quotes Logically, if you have a probability that you know will only apply for a limited period of time and by definition that probability tells you that you have some significant chance of being wrong, even while it still applies, how much do you really know?

Try a different reading of you must. Attempting to control them actually increases the risks we take.

Market Mind Games: A Radical Psychology of Investing, Trading and Risk

Through a series of lectures, Shull logically but engagingly connects emotions, beliefs, and context to our innate reaction to uncertainty and risk yes, the two are different. You only answer to yourself. A reasonable approach to emotion is the best and only way to win the investing game. Whether we talk markets or life, instead of uncertainty being the exception, it is the rule. He and his colleagues find that people with sustained brain damage related to the experience of emotion can hardly make even the simples of decisions.


David Hume, the 19th-century philosopher, generally considered to be in the empirical camp, noticed it when he said that reason is subject to passion, or we think things are a certain way because we want them to be that way. Edwin Lefevre Narrated by: This rare session can help investors of all skill levels become market masters. In both cases, we omit a key factor in our success—our total mental or psychological capital.

Stage 2 is refining the snowmobile. Yet, Denise presents the fact that we are emotional beings and hsull emotions is difficult if not impossible. Aviles rated it really liked it Aug 16, Cancel anytime and keep your audiobooks. Steve Burns, Holly Burns Narrated by: It might look on the surface as if it does, but the feeling will linger and reappear, oftentimes acted out instead of just felt.

For example, where are you on the spectrum between fear of losing money and fear of missing out? As no decisions would be made at all, no commission revenue would be gained. And, most important, they work.

Market Mind Games Summary and Quotes

In a new world where feelings and emotions count, step one turns out to be quite different than you would think. However, it doesn’t fit my reading style. People who bought this also bought Instead of turning into a gorge-fest, you have a psychological strategy to fall back on. Then you will have made it.


The link below talks about how neuroscience relates to economics: More ironically, this pIFS evidently works faster than other nodes more associated with known probabilities. I enjoyed this book quite a bit. Shull advocates treating feelings as data, and she convincingly argues that doing so eradicates the baffling question that repeats itself in our heads after making a poor investing decision: Mar 11, Yuekun Liu rated it liked it.

Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, this book introduces you to a dozen successful traders – some who focus on equities, others who deal in futures or foreign exchange – and examines the paths they’ve taken to capture considerable profits.

Putting feelings into words not only reduces anxiety bames verbalization can actually allow us gamea work more effectively on a thinking level. This is simply not possible. Feb 08, Mark Gazica rated it it was ok.

Just a couple of weeks after reading the book, I have begun to approach my trading slightly differently. I was hoping this book would be more practical.

I like the au This book resonates on one general big idea: How to Day Trade for a Living: Give as a gift. The Daily Trading Coach: I will take that challenge, Denise Shull!!! He had just stumbled on it on Physorg.

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