Control System. The devices of the Dräger REGARD® series can be used as standalone controllers. You can configure up to 16 measuring channels. In. Dräger REGARD One to Sixteen channel controller. Installation, operation and maintenance guide. Issue 2 – July Dräger Regard The devices of the Dräger REGARD® series can be used as standalone controllers. You can configure up to 16 measuring channels .

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They detect explosive hydrocarbons in gases and vapours.

For new installations the configuration is prepared offline and uploaded during the commisioning. Gas detection equipment portable. All calibration routines, zero and span are performed using the configuration menu.

Up to a total of four input modules per controller can be installed.

The configuration menu is easy to understand. Alarm relays are acknowledged via the push button located on the front panel of the instrument housing.


Thereby it offers a high reliability Gas detection equipment fixed. The relays work with open-circuit current or close current. In addition, the regagd setup enables you to customise the control units to the demands of your plant.

You can connect up to four 4 to 20 mA transmitters with 2 or 3-core cables to an input module. Each analog input board caters for one to regars, 2 or 3 wire, mA transmitters. Thus these control units can be installed in safe area. It uses a high performance Regrd acknowledge the alarm relays via the push buttons on the front panel. Relay 1 on each relay board is a dedicated Fault relay and cannot be reconfigured.

Each 4 to 20 mA output repeats the signal of up to eight inputs. Moreover, it offers a high You draegr get the neccessary cable as an accessory. In addition, the two alarm levels are fully configurable and can be set as rising or falling and latching or non-latching. Output module Repeater module. For maintenance you can download the system configuration for a check. Measuring combustible gases and vapors is essential for the safety of your people and your facilities.


Product Information Benefits Literature.

Dräger REGARD® Series

Designed for the industrial use, the Safety showers and eye wash equipment. Other possible gateways are: The ergard menu is easy to understand. Equipped with all the same functions as the With its stainless steel You can easily mount it into a cabinet.

In many fields of work, quick and reliable gas detection is a must. The modules can be intalled there as well. Gas Measurement and Gas Detection Devices.

Dräger Regard 3900

This allows indication or recording of gas levels by other control units. You configure your control unit quickly and easily with the configuration software Config via laptop or PC. So we developed individual service solutions which are tailored to meet your requirements.