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This post is part of my ongoing Diana Wynne Jones retrospective series. I usually try to obscure them, but I really wanted to talk about some of the juicy content in the later parts of erowned book. Drowned Ammet is the second book in the Dalemark quartet, with a whole new cast of characters on the opposite end of Dalemark from those in Cart and Cwidder. In Cart, we were introduced to Dalemark, divided into a seemingly peaceful North and unjust South, and into smaller Earldoms within.

In Drowned Ammet, we meet one of the cruelest Earls up close and actually see the revolution starting to boil. Chronologically, Drowned Ammet occurs slightly before Cart and Cwidder with perhaps some overlap, which we can mark by the capture of Konian and Kialan though they are not mentioned by namethe latter of which we know escapes and joins ammet traveling party in Cart.

I wondered for a moment why Jones made the choice to spread the narrative out over so many years, but I know it was a good one.

Plus, it brought home how needlessly cruel the Earldom could be. Mitt wondered himself by the end.

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Interestingly, Mitt carrying a bomb through the festival happens just a third of the way through the book, so not too much is given away at the beginning. As this opening suggests, the first section of the book is about why Mitt feels so inclined to blow up the Earl and bring his perceived enemies down with him.


Diana does a wonderful job in creating Mitt as a self-assured, brave young boy who will fight for what he believes in with literally no thought of the consequences.

In contrast are Hildy and Ynen, grandchildren of the Earl. Their every want has been fulfilled, and they are numbed to the violence their grandfather wreaks, hardly realizing what a death sentence really means. Stuck in a boat out at sea, he meets this coarse, unlikable man he learns is the one who succeeded in killing the Earl where Mitt failed.

Drowned Ammet

Like Mitt did at first, he terrifies Hildy ammmet Ynen. Mitt hates Al, and hates how much they have in common. Then, in a twist that took me by surprise even though I had read the book before, Mitt learns that Al is his father, who he thought was killed years ago. This is the man he sought to revenge? This man who it turns out ratted out his friends, leaving his wife and child alone and in danger?

Worse yet, Mitt sees every sign of himself growing up to be just like Al, who went behind back after back to get the most money from shooting Earl Hadd.

This moment of internal crisis was well set up though in DWJ style, dropped on us with no preamble, Mitt not even flinchingproviding a perfect turning point for Mitt to digest his own actions and figure out his own identity, current and erowned.

Though everything up to this point was well done, it is worth reading to the end just to get to Part 4, drownee Holy Islands. In a lovely hint at the beginning, which also served droned a plot point, a small Mitt wanders away from home following a sudden extraordinary smell. The smell was cow dung and peat and trampled grass, mixed with smoke from the chimney.


While, at the back of it, there and not there, … was the faint boisterous bit of the distant sea.

Yes, it was a land. The islands are a magical place, homey and powerful.

: Drowned Ammet (Dalemark Quartet Book 2) eBook: Diana Wynne Jones: Kindle Store

Particularly strong is the uninhabited Holy Island. There, he encounters the divine beings he knows as Old Ammet and Libby Beer, who he recognizes from their appearance to save his boat from sinking. Ammet is simply a straw man, and Libby a sculpture made of fruit. In the Holy Islands, though, these drownedd are present, and revered. Holand, godless, is a violent and terrifying place, while the aptly named Holy Islands are peaceful and welcoming.

Mitt also learns the importance of names that was featured in Cart. He discovers the true names — greater and lesser — of Poor Old Ammet and Libby Beer, the utterance of which can be enough for a whole new island to spring up and split a ship in half. For many books I read, I have read nothing about them beforehand.

Drowned Ammet – Wikipedia

I always thought I liked not to be biased going in. But sometimes knowing how awesome someone else found a book can make it really compelling. So also yes and no, haha. Thanks for your answer, this makes sense! Fantasy genre Authors Miscellaneous Contact. He recognizes the smell, years later, when he arrives in the Holy Islands.

Article written by katy. I agree, I think.

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