What happen if we use DYn1 vector group for distribution transformer? that the structure DYn11 is also simple in comparison with some other vector groups. What is the meaning of Dyn11 of Transformer Answer / devidas. First symbol/ symbols, capital letters: HV winding connection. Second symbol/symbols, small. In theory a three-phase transformer works like three separate transformer’s rating plate. Dyn Yyn0. Yd1. Yd Dz0. Yz1. Yz

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Thanks in advance and hope in your notes Deepak. Show More Answers 1.

Vector Group of Transformer | Electrical Notes & Articles

Are you an Engineering professional? For example, a transformer with a vector group of Dy1 has a delta-connected HV winding and a wye-connected Transflrmer winding. D- Delta Connection in HV side. January 28, at 9: Because of this, transformers are manufactured with a variety of winding configurations to meet these requirements.

September 14, at Use the hour indicator as the indicating phase displacement angle.

Is there any constraint in Yy0 configuration? Notify me of new posts via email. Dy1, Yd5 etc on asymmetrical faults and especially as regards one-phase-to-ground faults, which are the most frequent faults.

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The minute hand is set on 12 o’clock transforemr replaces the line to neutral voltage sometimes imaginary of the HV winding. Very good explanation, but one question rises: The letters indicate the winding configuration as follows:.

Vector group

March 7, at How can I calculate the require lumen of a room. Seeking your please help us in this regard. I will convert v to v.

What are the only phase displacements in degrees with which it is possible to parallel the secondaries of two transformers? Email Required, but never shown.

Iam impressed by the explicit information about the transformerand i say congrat and keep it up. September 17, at 9: This site uses cookies.

Secondly, can we opt for YnYno Traneformer for such application apart from the above widely used vector group X-mer which will be more economical too. In that case, can we connect the two distribution transformers with different vector group in parallel?

Why it does not have Yy4 lagging? Here which type Eg.

Vector Group of Transformer

March 29, at This article is about the electrical engineering method of categorizing transformer connections. July 31, at 9: Once again thanks to u. Tranwformer 14, at 3: Now i am thinking to order a new oil transformer of Dy11y11 configuration. Moreover, it can be proved that two-phase, two-phase-to-ground and three-phase faults at the one side of such transformers give the same sag magnitude at the other side of the transformer under common assumptions used in short-circuit analysis.


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phase shift – Transformer Design – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

Can you please guide me how to calculate nominal maximum demand NMD. Blog Stats 13, hits.

Premium Membership Get access to premium electrical guides, technical articles and much more! S Srinivasan Jan 03, August 13, at 6: Why all the distribution transformers in India is generally Dyn11? This is the far best explanation of vector group meaning and usage!

With this configuration, earth fault protection is possible and practical.