By E. T. A. Hoffman. NATHANAEL TO LOTHAIR. I know you are all very uneasy because I have not written for such a long, long time. Mother, to be sure, is angry, . The Sandman is coming, I can see.” And certainly on all these occasions I heard something with a heavy, slow step go bouncing up the stairs. That I thought. E.T.A. Hoffmann has to be one of my favourite authors and The Sandman is one of my favourite of Hoffmann’s stories, it is also the most famous.

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The Sandman (short story) – Wikipedia

One day Sigismund said to him: I bought nothing, and threatened to throw him downstairs, upon which he took himself off of his own accord.

Nathaniel ci racconta nel proseguo della lettera che, quando era piccolo, la sera prima di andare a letto, salire con la mamma nello studio dove lavorava il padre, e il padre gli raccontava delle storie, degli aneddoti, oppure gli leggeva dei libri, era un momento particolarmente piacevole.

I dont want to say too much lest I give any clue about where this story goes, because I want everyone to be as non-plussed as I was view spoiler [ a goddamned sex robot basically. From the very bottom of his desk he drew out all that he had ever written.

The Sandman by ETA Hoffmann – review

Nathaniel’s expectations were completely fulfilled; for directly he saw Clara he thought neither of f Advocate Coppelius nor of her ‘sensible’ letter. For if, to please you, I drop everything and look in your eyes while you read, my coffee will overflow into the fire, and none of you will get any breakfast.

He was, perhaps, busily engaged at his ordinary profession. He was even talking cheerfully, as in the old days, about pleasant matters, which caused Hofmann to remark: What a treat it will be to see all the illustrations.


He has known Coppola for years and, moreover, it is clear from his accent that he is really a Piedmontese. She did not appear to see me, and indeed there was something fixed about her eyes as if, I might almost say, she had no power of sight.

Years later, with Nathanael now a university student, unwelcome memories are reawakened by the arrival in town of Italian barometer salesman Coppola.

Nathanael dances with her repeatedly, awed by her perfect rhythm, and eventually tells her of his passion for her, to which Olimpia replies only “Ah, ah!

She cites you – you, it seems have been talking about me.

At about this f the four lucky persons thought of going to the estate. I darted into my father’s room; the door was open, a suffocating smoke rolled towards me, and the servant girl cried: To us – pray do not take it ill, brother she appears singularly stiff and soulless. Now reconciled with Clara, Nathaniel returns to his studies. Lily Yu, for example.

However, I did read it in English and have eandman say this was an excellent translation. He now sat down to finish his letter to Clara; but a glance through rhe window assured him that Olympia was still sitting there, and he instantly sprang up, as if impelled by an irresistible power, seized Coppola’s glass, and could not tear himself away from the seductive sight of Olympia till his friend and brother Sigismund called him to go to Professor Spalanzani’s lecture.

However, Nathaniel was quite hoffmann, when he wrote to his friend Lothaire that the form of the repulsive barometer-dealer, Coppola, had had a most evil effect on his life. Sigismund plainly perceived his friend’s condition. Screwing up my courage to the uttermost, I cautiously peeped out.

Der Sandmann

No trivia or quizzes yet. Mr Sandman, don’t touch my eyes, I see through your disguises and lies. Dark forebodings of a cruel, threatening fate tower over me like dark clouds, which no friendly sunbeam can penetrate. A classic of its kind, The Sandman has inspired later authors including Poe and composers such as Delibes and Offenbach.


Don’t you think that even cheerful -unaffected- carefree nature like mine could harbour an inkling of a dark force that insidiously strives to corrupt the sanctum of our inner self? Liebe und Eifersucht Undine. So take, gentle reader, the three letters. The hateful, abominable Coppelius stood before me with fiery eyes, and laughed maliciously at me.

Those interested in German Literature. I loved the dark and psychological images it drew.

Professor Spalanzani appeared highly delighted at the intimacy between his daughter and Nathaniel. Had he been able to see any other object besides the fair Olympia, all sorts of unfortunate quarrels would have been inevitable.

Der Sandmann by E.T.A. Hoffmann

She has written me a very profound sandkan epistle, in which she proves, at great length, that Coppelius and Coppola only exist in my own mind, and are phantoms of myself, which will be dissipated directly I recognize them as such. Hoffmann — two centuries have gone but they still remain enigmatic, startling and morosely nocturnal. This lasted for years, but I could not accustom myself to the terrible goblin; the image of the dreadful Sandman did not become any fainter.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I had my eyes on it for a while my plan was to read in German back when I had to read some German novels; glad I didn’t read it back then though, because a I don’t know that much German and b I think it’s even better in English I can’t compare it though, but I mean that I understand it now more I think sandnan when I read it in German.