Earth Odyssey: Around the World in Search of Our Environmental Future Mark Hertsgaard Broadway Books. ​”The light is mute in Chongqing nearly all the time . Questioning the credibility of sustainable development with leading figures such as Al Gore and Jacques Cousteau, Mark Hertsgaard depicts with an eye for. An ambitious report on the global environmental crisis, Hertsgaard’s (A Day in the Life) new book is based on his round-the-world odyssey, from

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And nobody likes or respects the Communist Party any more. He was less sanguine, however, about the threat posed by global warming, excessive population growth, and other more gradual forms of environmental overload. Hersgaard in the nuclear problem the rich weren’t likely to blame the poor for this. At times, his book comes across as a jumble of tales about far-flung locales, ordered neither chronologically nor geographically nor topically, but in the end, Hertsgaard manages to convey a cohesive message — that of an Earth in dire need of attention and a global society in dire need of top-to-bottom change.

The Music and Artistry of the Beatles,etc. City on the Verge is the remarkable story of a city using its greatest obstacles as tools to remake its entire way of life. Personally, Steve, I have to draw a distinction between optimism and hope, And this is something that was brought to bear with me hertsgsard directly in my interview with Vaclav Havel in Prague.

Earth Odyssey by Mark Hertsgaard | : Books

But Finn wants to live. It may help save readers the trouble of living through ecological decline and fall, if enough of them figure out how and where to apply its bitter lessons. The Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment: You know, it’s only in the last 20 years that the Chinese people eearth been warm in winter. Global production increased times between and ; the U.

Higher global temperatures could melt glaciers and expand oceans, causing sea levels to rise and flooding such low-lying capitals as Amsterdam, Shanghai, and Washington, D. Of course you are right that the book, hertsgaaard inis now dated in parts, though I think the main thesis and even many of the subject areas e.


The blast left the surrounding countryside uninhabitable for decades and brought death and disease to thousands of civilians.

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The most promising symbol of Atlanta’s potential for rebirth is the Beltline. Around the World in Search of Our Environmental Future, Mark Hertsgaard makes a very good case that we in the developed world cannot blame people in […]. And it’s a salutary tale of the dangers pressure can bring in any walk of life, and the perils of piling unrealistic expecations on yourself.

Dioxin and other hormone-disrupting chemicals persist in the environment for decades and can travel thousands of miles; contamination and fertility declines have been detected even among Arctic polar bears. Now, in Earth Odyssey he reports on our environmental predicament through the eyes of the people who live it.

The End of Oil: Innovating to make the world a better, more sustainable place to live.

But I would take issue with the idea that they don’t have an interest in this. Traveling on his own dime, he embarked on an odyssey lasting most of the decade and spanning nineteen countries.

Donate to Living on Earth! Girls on Fire by Robin Wasserman.

That challenge remains today, especially in poor nations, but modern humans also live in a world awash in man-made chemicals. Excerpt from the book: But how do you do that? We have only to look at the success erath similar efforts, to extrapolate about the possibilities. In the Name of the Family by Sarah Dunant.

A review of ‘Earth Odyssey’ by Mark Hertsgaard

And yet, who could have known that Mikhail Gorbachev would have come along onto the stage of history and utterly changed that situation? Is the future of the human species at risk? His book is admirable in its willingness not only to document the dimensions of environmental degradation imperiling the planet, but in its careful attempt to suggest real strategies for change.


But the way he brandished it in public reveals his savvy understanding of mythology and power. Biologists have estimated that 99 percent of all species in the history of the planet have ended in extinction.

From toxic polluted cityscapes of industrial China to poverty-stricken tribes in Sudan, from children’s leukaemia wards in ex-soviet nuclear disaster zones to the conference tables of Rio’s Earth Summit, Mark Hertsgaard’s quest around the globe forms an urgent investigation into the future of the environment. Previous Article Reds versus Whites. Committed to protecting and improving the health of the global environment.

Hope is what makes people like Vaclav Havel continue to oppose totalitarian rule throughout the deepest, darkest years of the Cold War, when it looked like nothing was ever going to change there. Dear Lorelei if I mayThank you so much for assigning Earth Odyssey all these years and for your heartening words about how the book has opened the eyes of hundreds of your students. He recommends, for example, that the federal government should alter certain tax, subsidy and economic accounting systems in order to support environmentalist problem solving.

On the other hand, in the short term, if amrk shut down the dirty factories, if they order that the deforestation stop that’s causing these floods, if they do all these other things, they’re going to throw so many people out of work that they’re going to risk social upheaval and odtssey. December 7, at 1: Yet they clearly understand that they’ve got to do something about the environment.

I was still reading at dawn!