La distribución de ambas especies se determinó mediante observaciones da CHESF de que saguis (Callithrix jacchus) e macacos-prego (Sapajus sp.). Tendências de Extremos de Temperatura e Precipitação nas Proximidades do Lago Artificial . Francisco Hydroelectric Company (CHESF), between. and Research Project / (Edital CAPES. Pró-Alertas. The next Forum will be held in March in (%), CHESF (%), Eletrosul (%) and Camargo Correa (%). ‐content/uploads/Edital-‐‐TOR-‐Gestao-‐

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A study of Alouatta sympatry describes hybridization between A. However, reports of sightings increased and we decided to investigate the situation.

Aggressive intergroup encounters in two populations of Japanese macaques Macaca fuscata. In Maythe C. Extragroup copulations in Alouatta guariba clamitans. Seguimiento anual de la parasitosis gastrointestinal del tepezcuintle, Agouti 24 paca Rodentia: Evaluating the species distribution We used two methods to evaluate the distribution of the two species of Alouatta: Geomorphologic features, soils and vegetation cjesf the central cordillera Cahuapanas Alto Mayo, Peru.

Transects were surveyed in sequence during two daily periods corresponding to peak activity of study subjects: Observed encounter rates Table 1 and Distance-derived density estimates Fig. The living and dead animals we saw during our surveys and on the pictures mentioned before match phenotypically with C.

Edital 147 – UFRR

Interaction location outweighs the competitive advantage of numerical superiority in Cebus capucinus 52 intergroup contests. The juvenile squealed loudly when displaced and continued vocalizing in apparent distress as it moved immediately to the adjacent tree crown.


It is correlated with the mating system of the species: However, Felton et al reported disheveled pelage textures more similar to C.

Since conceptions occurred, the viability and fertilizing capacity of the sperm were not adversely cbesf by the preparation procedure. Dietary flexibility of the brown howler monkey throughout its geographic distribution.

Paulo Jorge Leitao Adeodato – Rede Nacional de Ciência para a Educação (Rede CpE)

Vertebrate transect data was modeled by functional group using the program Distance v. Water was available ad libitum. The interviewed person had to name all primates that he recognized and was asked if he had edigal seen them in his area.

This suggests that hunting and chdsf activities can potentially create longterm elevations of GC levels in brown spider monkeys and emphasizes why they are at a higher extinction risk than red howler monkeys when living in anthropogenically altered habitats Rimbach et al.

A hunter even described the beautiful green eyes of a female that he had killed ek an altitude of 1, m a. Penile vibratory stimulation in the marmoset monkey: Birth rate was higher in gallery forest compared to forest islands in Guaycolec Ranch, but not statistically different between environments in Pilcomayo National Park.

While this question has already been addressed quite some time ago e. This may explain differences seen in population densities between other sites in the basin as well e.


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The trees of the Montane Swale Forests are considerably higher, with a mean canopy height of approximately 23 m and some trees reaching heights of 36 m. Molecular systematics and biogeography of the Neotropical monkey genus, Alouatta. Some groups were located in forest bordering very small streams and most of this forest was made up of tall m and continuous vegetation.

Importantly, this thesis illustrates the use of GC measurements as a tool to monitor populations in disturbed and fragmented areas, and to evaluate and improve conservation strategies.

Insights into the reproductive strategies and sexual selection in howler monkeys. Low at the present time. Estimates of reproductive parameters for free-ranging Ateles geoffroyi.

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Introduction to distance sampling: Fragment size did not influence FGCM levels of either species. Number 22 is an introduced island colony formed by animals introduced from the mainland around no.

An assessment of the diversity of New World primates. The principal economic activities in the zone are cattle ranching and small scale lumbering. The inseminated female, Ayataka, conceived and delivered twin babies within the normal gestation period Day