Blanchiment à la continue, teinture pigmentaire et apprêts, enduction, contrecollage film PVC, PU, membrane imper-respirante, grattage, impression. Download scientific diagram | Présentation d’un procédé d’ennoblissement textile (hao et al. ). Textile finishing process (HAo et al. ). from publication. La société SOC ENNOBLISSEMENT TEXTILE ALPILLES(SETA), est installée à Saint Etienne Du Gres (CHEMIN DES INDIENNEURS) dans le département des .

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This allows for the development of new processes which give a different feel.

All the treatment processes are perfected in response to requests from our customers and tested on the machines before starting production. JP Ref document number: Procede et appareil d’ennoblissement textile, du type jigger, mettant en oeuvre des ondes electromagnetiques. Kind code of ref document: Finally the grey-cloth supplied by our customers can be processed by both of our companies working complementarily, enabling us textilw carry out all the operations, simple or more complex, from A to Z.


CA Ref document number: This strategy is part of the policy ennoblissemeny development of our company which involves permanent investment aimed at customer satisfaction and technical innovation to promote quality. DE DED1 de Nowadays, the workers in the company, trained within the company, have attained a standard of knowledge of the textile domain which enables them to progress through the company in a motivating manner, to learn about and to use technologically advanced equipment which ensures continual improvements in quality, speed and cost.

DE DET2 de US USA en EP Ref document number: EP EPB1 fr In order to meet the challenge of changes in technology, one requires suitable equipment and personnel. Method and apparatus for treatment of textile sheet material by application of microwaves.

Home years of history Technology and personnel Environment Contact Acces. Method and apparatus for continual treatment of textile sheet material by application of microwaves.

Ennoblissement textile – Teinture, apprêts et finitions textiles, France | Plo Ennoblisseur

Our texitle have the benefit of all our company’s manufacturing secrets. To look the virtual tour in fullscreen, click here or on this picture.


Country of ref document: Process for the continuous dyeing of textile webs pre-heated with infra-red or micro-waves. A1 Designated state s: Method for manufacturing a water absorbent composite by applying an aqueous polymerizable solution to a substrate and polymerizing the coating against polymerization inner surfaces.

ennoblissement textile

Method and apparatus for treating cellulosic fabrics quickly with liquid ammonia. Improved method and apparatus for aftertreatment of a printed textile sheet by application of microwaves. Procede ennobliseement appareil d’ennoblissement textile, du type jigger, mettant en ouvre des ondes electromagnetiques.