Years ago, when I was a full-fledged skeptic, atheist, and rationalist, I read James Randi’s book Flim-Flam! Psychics, ESP, Unicorns and other Delusions. Flim Flam Films is raising funds for An Honest Liar: The Amazing Randi Story on Kickstarter! A film about The Amazing Randi that will show. Flim-Flam by James Randi, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Come hang out with us and have fun at a major festival premiere near you! Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of They are products offered you by charlatans who thin Fpim sorry to say that this one was a little bit disappointing, mainly because it’s a bit outdated. But the reason we fam call it “magical” or “paranormal” is that it’s actually real. But apparently back then it was a novel idea and a number of people fell for it.

For example, I loved the sections about the Cottingley fairies, psychic surgeons and UFOs especially. Don’t have a Kindle? Mar 16, Luis rated it liked it. In this book, Randi explores and exposes what he believes to be the outrageous deception that has been raandi widely in the media. Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity.

Since his debunking of spoon-bender Uri Geller, he has been an authority on people who claim to have supernatural abilities. Although I enjoyed the numerous accounts of Randi debunking people who claim to have some sort of paranormal or psychic abilities I was disappointed by how outdated the book was.

There is one truth that I have learned in my days, and that there is no idea so ridiculous, so implausible, so poorly-defined, that someone, somewhere won’t fall for it. What has the writer, James Randi, accomplished? He savages astrology and charts the rise of the great Flying Saucer epidemic that, quite conveniently started just after lots of films had been made about, erm, flying saucers.

James Randi Educational Foundation. By comparison, Rogo’s measurement of the hole was 3. Jan 01, Pages Buy. With a biographical style similar to Bill Cunningham, New York and Being Elmobut capped with a twist akin to Exit Through the Gift Shop, An Honest Liar will be an historical biography, a call for reason and critical thinking, and a magic act in itself. Here, he shows us how what he views as sloppy research has been followed by rationalisations of evident failures, and we see these errors and misrepresentations clearly pointed out.


He firmly backed up the authenticity of the film, told me how he had taken it on the spot, and labeled Randi’s allegation as a total fabrication. SRI3 mentions but does not show additional target exercises similar to the ball bearing and water tests above.

The Cottingly Faries have never been raked over the coals so thoroughly.


Nov 02, Mark Plaid rated it really liked it. The phenomenon of eyeless sight”. The Truth about Uri Geller. Sadly, if you find yourself reading this book, you’re probably already well persuaded that “psychics”, “dowsers” and astrologers are phoney; in that sense it’s preaching to the converted.

Randi’s take on this series of experiments is withering. Yesterday’s magic is tomorrow’s technology. He may have hoped that this book would be a nail in the coffin of psuedoscience and woo, but even though that didn’t pan out, he never gave up. Not so, says Rogo. Science as a Candle in the Dark.

Flim-Flam : The Truth about Unicorns, Parapsychology and Other Delusions

He doesn’t laugh and say “I told you so. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

In fact, Randi has put his fla where his flm is through the One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge in which the James Randi Educational Foundation JREF has agreed to pay one million dollars to anyone who can demonstrate a supernatural or paranormal ability under agreed-upon scientific testing criteria.

Sep 20, Abbey rated it it was amazing Shelves: If your just curious and want to fam how he debunked every paranormal who took his challenge then just check out the documentary “An Honest Liar” currently on netflix and Secrets of the Psychics Documentary Youtube. If it’s not cool enough that we can communicate thoughts to each other’s minds thousands of miles away–because we do it using hands and eyes and Internet connections–then how would it ever be cool enough?

What is needed is a man wielding the sledgehammers of logic and stage-magic, and Randi provides this, superbly. Why, just this last Tuesday I had someone try to convince me that quantum mechanics allows foam, citin If we found something paranormal, we wouldn’t call it paranormal JDN EDT For most people, things stop seeming magical once they start making sense; this is an incredibly dumb approach to the world, because it means that the better you can function the more disillusioned you feel, but it’s also the way most people seem to work.


Inspired by Your Browsing History. Which is nothing against Randi, it’s just too contemporary with the world when it was written that it got a little left behind. Unafraid to call researchers to account for their failures and impostures, Randi tells us that we have been badly served by scientists who have failed to follow the procedures required by their training and traditions.

Randi evidently pictures himself as the executioner who lowers the blade. They are products offered you by charlatans who think you are not the marvelous, capable, independent being you are. How have we as a society become so blind to reality that we allow these charlatans to take advantage of us at our most vulnerable? I was particularly struck by the book’s hectoring, sarcastic tone.

Flim-Flam! – Wikipedia

No such conversation ever took place, I did eandi make such a statement, and Puthoff has no evidence to support his outright lie, because there is none. I had the opportunity to confront Randi at a Parapsychology Association conference with proof in hand, and in tape-recorded interaction he fllam he was wrong on all the points.

He also lifts the lid on just how quickly the media, and in particular the large publishing houses who profit hugely from selling books based on absolute nonsense, jump on the bandwagon and perpetuate the myth. James Randi The above are Randi’s comments, reproduced in full. Isn’t it odd that a book this old is still accurately flsm the tricks that these charlatans use to fool the credulous?

These are being offered here at significantly below market rate. In Randi’s close-up photo, the wall appears to be much thinner than twelve inches, as you can see by looking closely at the hole itself.

Randi, by contrast, has no scientific training.