Francesca Gino’s thoughtful and entertaining book “Sidetracked” is a good read, and yet I stopped and started it numerous times to read other books. I just get so. Francesca Gino I recently spoke to Francesca Gino, who is an Her new book is called Sidetracked: Why Our Decisions Get Derailed, and. Sidetracked will help you identify and avoid these influences so the decisions you make do stick—and you finally reach your intended by Francesca Gino.

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The gist of the book is tha Sidetracked. Those concepts may sound dry and boring, but the book is anything but. Things that I never realized. The human mind has bugs that make it diff The bugs in the mind that sidetrack us Did you buy the souvenir you meant to get on your holiday shopping trip? After reading it I have a much better appreciation for my own motivations, drives and blind spots, as well as those of others around me.

Jul 06, Steven Peterson rated it really liked it.

This is an attribution error because the quiz masters weren’t smarter, they just had the advantage of creating the test. Overall, a nicely written book, using research results nicely. May 29, Smoochdog D. So the first principle is to raise our self awareness: Did you achieve the business decision you set out to negotiate? I just get so easily distracted sometimes, which honestly scares the crap out of me because my wife and I are going to have a kid in November, and as excited and joyous as I am, I don’t feel in the least bit ready.

Sep 22, Anthony rated it really liked it. By questioning your bonds, you can carefully reflect on your ties and similarities to those around you and consider whether these bonds are affecting your choices for the worse.

In that case, sidftracked book would have been perfect for someone like me. This is a thoroughly well researched and informative book. You may not realize it but simple, irrelevant factors can have profound consequences on your decisions and behavior, often diverting you from your original plans and desires.


Sidetracked: Why Our Decisions Get Derailed, and How We Can Stick to the Plan by Francesca Gino

Gino possesses a wealth of well-constructed research and experience — both inside the university labs and in the business world. As it turns out reading about some guy womanizing, behaving as ratchet as it gets, drinking himself into the oblivion yes it is a different genre, but a book nonetheless gets people more engaged than scientifically based, reasonably constructed and soundly presented essentials francedca progressive human psychology.

Apr 16, Eleanor Stoneham rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is written in an easy to understand manner with lively descriptions of the experiments and results.

I think this made the book much more difficult to follow. Sidetrackes mind plays so many little tricks on us, which often causes us to lose sight of our initial goal and get completely derailed. Jun 25, BCS rated it really liked it Shelves: And we also aim to behave in ways that are consistent with our self-image as capable, competent, and honest individuals. This may be because we have an inflated perception of our self, we are over confident and have our own sense of power, which itself can be manipulated.

But this fear can be more general —from the feeling of missing out on special deals to the fear of missing out on an event our friends are attending. At times I found myself looking back to the title, to see how the various studies applied, or where they would lead me to insights that would help me, or direct actions I could take. Similarly, we can frame our offers and messages to others in different ways. You have to really want to finish what you started.

Incorporating detailed research studies, anecdotes from the business world, and examples from her own personal life, Gino’s book explains why our decision-making skills and behavior are affected less by our personal values and ethics and more on seemingly innocuous external factors, such as wearing sunglasses and the type of car a person drives.

By having an overly narrow focus on the job in hand, by losing sight of the bigger picture, we can miss important facts and this can affect the quality of our decisions. On the first, for example, we tend to be much more confident in our understanding of issues and explanations than we should be. Can you give some examples of what you mean by this? Mellody Hobson at Ariel Investments. Turning deep insights into concrete actionable advice has always been one of the most difficult tasks in any field, and I was hoping that this book would have done a better job of it.


Many of the ideas I study and write about are motivated by my personal experience and by what surrounds me —interesting patterns of behavior that often, at first glance, make little sense.

There is an gini of self-help devoted to advice on completing tasks, and the focus is generally on the positive: You may not realize it but simple, irrelevant factors can have profound consequences on your decisions and behavior, often diverting you from your original plans and desires.

Nine points to help us keep from being sidetracked. As I said above, I found it most engaging and enjoyable to read, not dry or boring at all. By taking the other side’s point of view, you can analyze the decision you face from another person’s perspective. He can be reached at garethideas AT gmail. In a series of experiments, my colleagues Mike Norton, Dan Ariely, and I found that people were more francescq to act dishonestly when they were wearing fake products, such as designer copycats.

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Sidetracked: Why Our Decisions Get Derailed and How We Can Stick to the Plan

These connections may expand our networks, but they can also derail our decisions. It’s the same day every frickin’ week! Books by Francesca Gino.