Really been thinking of running this story for my 5e group after OotA. Get the book and do what I need to in order to convert it up to 5e. I’d. I made a conversion document for The Great Modron March from 2nd Edition AD&D Planescape to 5th Edition D&D. It’s up for free on the DM. The Great Modron March is an event that occurs once every Great Cycle (a period of time equal to years, or 17 cycles of the largest gear of.

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As Palomides said, don’t dump too much information on players new to PS.

Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, Twenty-four hours before moeron egg fully matures, the victim falls extremely ill to all ability scores, to a minimum of 1.

No need to push yourself into something that you’re unfamiliar or uncomfortable with for the sake of the setting or module you’re running. Transform Host Su A chaos imp can transform its infested object as a standard action at will. This isn’t a module but I also like “Faces of Sigil” a lot for a rich collection of individuals found in Sigil.

The paladin Sir Vaimish Crasad hires the party to help protect the modrons as they make their way across the Outlands to Tradegate. Any caster within 40 feet of a harginn who casts a spell with the fire descriptor must succeed on a DC 15 caster level check or have the spell fail.

This ensures that those who finally reach the end of the March to report back to Primus are freat highest-ranked modrons of the group, even if they may not necessarily be the same superiors that started the voyage. This is a glowing nimbus of light no more than 10 feet across in the heart of the cloud.

The method of their collection, however, remains a mystery, as they never seem to ask questions or collect samples, merely march and observe. Some people refer to this as a sand-box, an environment in which your players feel as if they have lots of choices about where to find adventure.


Thread Tools Show Printable Version. The modrons were a partial turnover.

Cloud Form Ex A mortai is able to shift its cloudy shape to nearly any size and shape Colossal onlyand can even appear as a dark storm cloud. This mini-setting shines as one of the better supplements to come from the days of Planescapeand the authors have woven a series of useful adventures which can be used singularly or as a mini-campaign taking the PCs from levels 1 to Obviously Evil Ex The Tacharim are so obviously, nearly laughably evil that any good-aligned creature feels uncomfortable just being in their presence.

Melee cutting tool -1 1d An attended object receives a Cha-based DC 15 Will save to negate. And the adventure “The Great Modron March” features a long lost “friend” that was thought being and staying dead for the rest of eternety That alone makes it a very nice adventure. Don’t neglect to read through.

Modrons’ March | Dungeons & Dragons

A remove disease spell rids a victim of the pellet, as does a DC 25 Heal check. All times grext GMT It’s hard to think of modrons without considering Edwin Abbott’s Edwin Abbott Abbott’s, to be precise novel, Flatland. Like any new setting, drip feed the information to the new players. Sign In Don’t have an account? Whether you’re used to running dungeon crawls, political games or magch settings, Planescape can mpdron all of that and more.

Well, macrh sounds fracking awful, but since it happens like clockwork, those in the way of trouble have time to vacate before the modrons come marching in… except this time the modrons are early. Explore a Gate-town on the Outlands. The Great Modron March is an event that happens every years, and it’s a massive inconvenience to anyone involved.

Usage of this site, including but not limited to making or editing a post or private message or the creation of an account, constitutes acceptance of the Forum Rules. Power Core Ex A mortai has a secret core where its power is collected in one spot.


Sunken Treasure: The Great Modron March

However, unless your players know much about the planes, getting them to take an interest in why this clockwork army is marching at the wrong time can be a struggle. The route is as follows: There are thousands of people here.

The purpose of the trip is to gather as much information for Primus, the supreme Modron hierarch, as they can. Q2 – a lot of in-game time passes from one event to the following one, and it says both in the book and on-line karch i should mix it up with other adventures.

The tridrone was described but not statted out.

Great Modron March From Timaresh. There is nothing the party can do to stop the March; this adventure is about helping those caught in its path. Hordes of the Abyss The March may be susceptible to quick hit-and-run tactics, but once prepared for the fight, they’re a well-ordered maarch unit, able to repel all but the most deadly of threats. This sense of wonder is great and there’s no better way to play a Clueless than to actually be one. By 3rd Edition, marcy modrons had been almost replaced.

I had the PCs there as the modrons streamed out of the portal from Mechanus. Pretend that you are creating a stage on which a theatrical play will take place and leave the dialogue, action, and decisions up to the actors your player characters greta decide.

What exactly is this “Great Modron March”?