The suffering of the world is spoken of in terms of wars, starvation, hatred, competition, and the struggle of the survival of the fittest. Yet all the suffering of the. Hamza Yusuf Paperback Translation and commentary of Imam spirituality delves into the psychological diseases and cures of the heart. The suffering of the world is spoken of in term of wars, starvation, hatred, competition, and the struggle of the survival of the fittest. Yet all the.

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Now i realized that i owe him a lot. Dec 31, Sameera Al Makhmari rated it it was amazing Shelves: There is so much to learn from this book.

Aug 29, Marc Manley rated it liked it. In I am trying to read one Islamic spirituality book per month, as I find it easy to neglect spiritual growth with a job and all of that. Dec 24, Nourhan rated it it was amazing.

I greatly enjoyed this book and will study it in the next read with proper purificatiin and footnotes. Personally, I benefited from its every word. If you think your heart is already pure and doesn’t need purification, then your heart is most likely ill and needs the purification from the inherent arrogance.

Trivia About Purification of t Nov 22, Ira Nadhirah rated it it was amazing. It delves into religious spirituality on how to clean your heart, and keep it free from, envy, hatred and arrogance. I would recommend this book to all those who would like to change their condition, to better themselves internally and externally. The prayers mentioned are the standard prayers and I am afraid prayer alone does not do much unless lf takes concrete steps to address spiritual ailments such as anger and sloth etc.


Sheikh Hamza Yusuf – Purification Of The Heart CD / Audio / MP3

This is the only empowering position that we can take. Purification is a lifelong process, not a destination, so focusing on one or two chapters a day might better encourage us apply the small changes to our lives. Buku tazkiyatunnafs tak pernah tidak memberi kepuasan, namun buku ini ada yang berbeza.

Jun 15, Yaqeen Sikander rated it really liked it. However, I am confident that these “diseases” can be cured without the help of a divine being and fear of the hereafter, as it is shown in various books on meditation, such as this amazing book by Jon Kabat-Zinn — Wherever You Go, There You Are.

I love him for the sake of Allah and be forever debted with his kindness. I also was expecting some type of epilogue or ending like he had wi Good book – interesting that even though it’s kind of like an essay it’s still an overall enjoyable read. This book is a translation and commentary on a poem by a great Mauritanian scholar.

Purification of the Heart: Signs, Symptoms and Cures of the Spiritual Diseases of the Heart

Dec 23, Sirad rated it it was amazing. The remedies are simple: This is a wonderful book that I shall read again and again for it’s tremendous benefit! May husuf, Ainun Najib rated it it was amazing. Purification of the Heart: Such a profound and an enlightening book. But better late than never.


Audio Series • Hamza Yusuf – Purification Of The Heart • Muslim Central

The book translates the Poetry and prification details its discussions regarding the issues and ramifications to the spiritual Heart. A truly great read. It also talks about how to control heavy thoughts that effect our mood and heart. We also know that the heart, should all of its connections to the brain be severed as they are during a heart transplantcontinues to beat. View all 16 comments. Inhe co-founded the Zaytuna Institute in order to teach the traditional sciences jusuf Islam to people in purificaton West.

Apr 29, Ammena rated it it was amazing. A good and useful text on those looking for a place to begin intellectualizing their practice beyond the ‘ibadaat or rules of religion [which are still key: A very good read, but better if reading a few chapters, then continuing after a night or two.

Thus, this book is a practical guide for the practicing Muslims as well as for those that struggle to understand this spirit.