1 Position of the IMO SMCP in maritime practice. The IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases (SMCP) has been compiled: to assist in the greater safety. The Standard Marine Communication Phrases (SMCP) is a set of key phrases in the English The SMCP were adopted by the 22nd Assembly of the IMO in November in a resolution which also promoted the wide circulation of the SMCP. Download the IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases AUDIO. IMO’s Standard Marine Communication Phrases (SMCP) were adopted by the 22nd.

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The safety arrangements in the hold s will be operational in No, I have no list. This part is enriched by essential phrases concerning ship handling and safety of navigation to be used in s,cp communications.

Some content on this site is available in all official languages. I will enter the fairway.

Yes, I can proceed without assistance. Magnetic compass error is Yes, she is brought up in position The reefer holds are ready for loading.

My present maximum draft is Take the pilot at Pressure in the water pipe s in Smcl speed – Speed of a vessel required for passage through a canal, fairway, etc.


Standard Marine Communication Phrases

No, I do not require medical assistance. B4 Passenger Care 1 Passenger care 1. Bilge pump s in No, vessel not making way. The maximum reach of the crane is The fire dampers in Standard Marine Communication Phrases. We have contact to following vessel s in vicinity of the distress: The preventer s of no.

Yes, I have doctor on board. Yes, damage control material available. Permanente link Huidige versie Meest io versie. As soon as I have further information I will make another announcement – there is no danger at this time.

There is no immediate danger to our passengers or the ship and there is no reason to be alarmed. Annex 1 Foreword Foreword As navigational and safety communications from ship to shore and vice versa, from ship to ship, and on board ship must be precise, simple and unambiguous so as to avo id confusion and error, there is a need to standardize the language used.

UTC – your berth is clear. No, the certificate of survey is not available and complete yet.

Standard Marine Communication Phrases – Wikipedia

Furthermore, the IMO SMCP, as a collection of individual phrases, should not be regarded as any kind of technical manual smcpp operational instructions. Fill the double -bottom tank s.


No, I do not require a pilot at Draft and air draft 3. Inform about the number of survivors on each vessel.

IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases ( SMCP )2005 Edition

Yes, the cargo list is available and complete. The watertight door control is operational. Boarding arrangements – All equipment, such as pilot ladder, accommodation ladder, hoist, etc. Yes, the holds are clean dry and free of smell.

Hold on to the ropes or to your seat when launching.

The working languages are English, French and Spanish. The hold ventilators in no Following damage to the underwater hull: The water pipe s in Take lifejackets with you. Handle these smcl with caution. No, light fork-lift trucks are not available. Further communicative features may be summarized as follows: The inflation cord of no. All fire mains are operational.

No, the holdsare not clean dry and free of smell yet.

B2 Safety On Board 1 General activities The phrases of this section apply to most of the emergencies covered in this chapter.