Johanna Lindsey · Paperback Captive of My Desires tells a passionate love story that will capture your heart and never let go. Read more. Johanna Lindsey is one author I can usually enjoy if I don’t think much With all the recent talk of pirates, I can’t see Captive of My Desires as a. Captive of My Desires by Johanna Lindsey – THE MALORYS RETURN! Johanna Lindsey sweeps readers into the dazzlingly passionate world of the.

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Readers I was sooooo wrong! The hero hates pirates, the heroine loves the good pirates and fears the bad, and the villain is a pirate — but I still cannot bring myself to classify it as a true pirate story. Her arm was probably bruised where he’d gripped it. He’d nearly been courting her, or so it had seemed, though that was unlikely. Well, she couldn’t even bring herself to think the word, much less say it.

It wasn’t the captain who’d given her the order, though. In turn, Gabrielle accepted but also in an odd way. Just a deisres while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Captive of My Desires — All About Romance

Though drawn to Gabrielle’s fiery beauty, Drew, a fun-loving rogue, wants nothing to do with a young woman hunting for a husband. It could be that neither of the leads are actual pirates, but I think it is more that the story is just a bit too myy if not frivolous for such a classification.

Nor does he feel the need to mince words when in the company of other people, because, well, who cares right? Except for a brief two-page meeting, they have no interaction until page D and he and Gabby were such a great pair Aug 31, Hanife rated it it was amazing Johannaa Don’t get me wrong, I finished it. Enlisting the help of her father’s pirate cronies, Gabrielle commandeers Drew’s ship and takes him linndsey. I used to captife up all her novels like a fat kid eating cake.

Culminating with his giving him a bath with his hands tied Thank you for using the catalog. Although this jjohanna entry can be treated as a stand-alone read, it is more complete knowing the background of Gentle Roguea book that is still in print today despite its original publication date of And only find a small box with mementos, letters, Quotes from Captive of My Des In fact, she didn’t know how she’d managed not to succumb to that urge already.


Captive of My Desires

Johanna Lindsey sweeps readers into the privileged world of English aristocrats and the exotic haunts of Caribbean treasure hunters in a new novel of passion and romantic adventure featuring jouanna incomparable Malorys — a family of dashing rogues, spirited ladies, and rakehell adventurers.

The worst part is that it didn’t really stink.

But what if the pirates had won? She stole his ship and he ruined her chances for a good marriage. It would be nice to root for a couple’s HEA, but I find myself staring at the couple in horror instead. While once things had gotten past the treating each other very badly the story was back on track for me I still couldn’t get past the bad and didn’t feel in my personal opinion it was resolved enough for them to move on. His complexion as white as the extra sails being swiftly hoisted by the crew, he hadn’t been gentle about shoving her toward the stairs.

Sad to say, but I could just about forgive Drew all of his notable shortcomings simply because the woman he has been teamed up with has to be the Worst. Buy Captive of My Desires: Now, thinking about her father and finding him kept her current fears in check for only a short while.

desiees Unless your idea of happy is someone who does not talk to their spouse and completely unaware of everything that transpires.

But as passion runs high on their sea voyage, it becomes difficult to tell who is truly the captor and who is the captive. Johanna’s books span the various eras of history, including books set in the Middle Ages, the American “Old West” and the popular Regency England-Scotland.

This is where Johanna Lindsey lost me. Unless he was dead. Sign up and get a free eBook!


Return to Book Page. Until the first mate pulled her aside and told her to hide. This is that rare incident where the heroine truly deserved what she got.

She has written over 30 books, of which 54 million copies are in print and have been translated into 12 languages. In spite of all these drawbacks, Gabrielle does find one man with potential: You can skip horrible prose, captibe, chapters.

He’d tried to move his family closer to where he worked, but Carla, Gabrielle’s mother, wouldn’t even consider it. La presentan en sociedad y enseguida tuvo varios candidatos. And yeah, as much as the story tries to dance around it — she is. To show Drew how pleased she was with his escort, she and her cohorts comandeer Drew’s ship and crew – shackling the men to the floor – and set sail for St.

Oh well, Johanna, a swing and a miss. I was quite suprised by that when she has a “dream” and he was literally in it! Three years later, her father decides it is time she find a husband and that she deserves After the death of her mother, an upstanding member of the upper class in regency era England, Gabrielle Brooks voyages to the Caribbean to find her father, whom she barely knows as he has been away or many years in his business as a tradesman.

Now American rogue Drew Anderson meets his match when his brother-in-law James Malory introduces the daughter of a pirate to London society. He is a lindse and in every port he has a different woman to wait for him It was a decent story but it lacks the magic and spark the previous books had. After that it was just hook line and sinker Drew kept insisting on the piracy matters and shifting dessires blame to her.