In our Resources page, you will also find a list of different kubotan techniques DVDs, manuals and videos that can aid your in learing to use the. There are few manuals which are really good and effective. Some of them are already quite old like the official kubotan techniques manual. Official Kubotan Techniques [Takayuki Kubota] on *FREE* shipping on This manual shows you step by step how to use the kubotan. Studied by.

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Previous post Kubotan Keychain types and how to pick yours? The live partner will be moving, reacting, he will vary his attacks and defenses allowing you to build up the required skills for the real game. While its true that you can deliver a strike from just about any posture of position, there are some stances or postures that are better suited for kubotan techniques.

Kubotan training

Essentially, this means you will need to work on strengthening your hand grip. Punching and Slapping Attacks Grabbing Attacksand You get a special link to another online book, written by the creator of a system designed especially for police officers – a book containing literally dozens of additional techniques to those already presented As I mentioned earlier in this article, these are but a few important kubotan concepts and principles that must be incorporated into your self defense training.

Mxnual book provides great information on Kubotans in general, how to buy and conceal your weapon. Once you got the basic understanding keep drilling the following kubotan fighting techniques until you can do them instinctively.

One of the best forms of training is to practice on a live training partner provided he is sufficiently equipped with protective gear.


Kubaton Knife, for self defense? The instructor shows also how to drill the basic kubotan strikes all by yourself and do your kubotan training at home on a simple door frame. As a matter of fact, there are a broad range of effecive techniques that can be manuxl with just a minimal amount of training. As a reality based self defense instructor, I’ve noticed that martial arts and self defense instructors place too much emphasis on striking with the kubotan and not enough on retention skills.

There are few manuals which are really good and effective.

In our Resources pageyou will also find a list of different kubotan techniques DVDs, manuals and videos that can aid your in learing to use the keychain for your self protection. Fortunately once you grasp those basic techniques you will never be dependent on your kubotan being with you, manal thing that has such shape can be applied in similar fashion.

Failing it is one of the worst things you can do kjbotan a self defense situation.

This stance is best used with some type of natural gesticulation. The book also provides a variety of basic techniques.

Having that said the best training will be with a human partner to provide you with the most realistic training conditions. The book also provides good advice on practicing drills.

Kubotan for Self Defense Purposes

Ideally, the best human targets for striking with a kubotan are those highly sensitive “bony targets” that are closest to the surface of the skin. Using one is not just nanual matter of holding it in your hand and striking your adversary.

As simple and effective as the kubotan can be, it does require considerable training to use it effectively in a self defense situation. There are a collection of kubotan targets that you can either strike or apply pressure as a pressure point. And, though the book focuses on a commonly available and inexpensive self-defense tool, it also shows you many alternatives that can be found lying around every day that you can press into service in the same way.


Here are just two strategic stances that I teach in my CFA self defense system:. Being prepared for the real thing will require you to practice using the kubotan under real world self defense conditions. While every expert knows that there really is no such thing as a “best weapon,” this new Kubotan Book by Shidoshi Miller will show you that, when it comes to self-defense – having a weapon appropriate for the situation you’re in is the key yes, pun intended!

Kubotan Self Defense Learn how to use Kubotan for self defense.

Kubotan for Self-Defense: Contemporary Fighting Arts

Kubotan low concealment – this concealment position is used when both you and your adversary are in the neutral zone from one another. How you can quickly and easily master the basics of using this powerful weapon in practically no time at all. Some of manusl are already quite old like the official kubotan techniques manual. For example, in my reality based self defense system called Contemporary Fighting Arts CFAI have classified the kubotan into five unique categories of application.

As a special bonus feature of this awesome book – something that no one else has ever received The choice, though, as always