View and Download Lexicon MPX user manual online. Lexicon Dual Channel Processor Stereo kHz S/PDIF Digital Output User Guide MPX MPX – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: User guide • Read online or download PDF • Lexicon MPX User Manual.

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The non-inverting inputs of one-half U20 and U22 are used as the signal input buffer to maintain a high input impedance, to provide unity gain at low frequencies, and manuak provide pre-emphasis. Release the footswitch and verify that the LED turns off.

Lexicon MPX user manual – – Solve your problem

This pro- Rate — gram, inherited from Lexicon’s PCM 80, gen- High Cut — erates a rich, airy effect that mmanual simulate the Diffusion — sound of multiple sound sources from a Diffusion — Connect the oscillator output to the MPX 1 00 Left input.

Voltage regulation is handled by three TO packaged ICs: The corner frequency of this filter is kHz.

Adjust The clean reverberation of the Hall pro- Decay — gram is designed to add spaciousness, while Decay — The first tap is fixed, and the second sweeps past it. U21 provides a unity gain inverting stage.

C38 starts to charge from the current source. However, if you do not want to take up too much of your disk space, you can always download it in the future from ManualsBase. The NOTE maanual denotes important infor- mation. Power cycle the MPX 1 00 while pressing and holding down the Bypass button.

Individually adjust the MPX Input manua, Output knobs over their entire range and verify that no pops, clicks, or scratchiness is heard.

Mixing the two delay taps together creates the flanging effect. Inversion — Pitch The stereo polyphonic Pitch program in the MPX allows complete program ma- terial or monophonic lexicoh to be shifted down two octaves or up one octave.


The first part of this test is performed without effects.

Lexicon MPX 100 user manual

When any of these switches is depressed, its LED will light and remain lit as long as the button is depressed. R1 1 1 and R1 23 limit the current through D24 and D25 during conduction to protect them.

A momentary footswitch can be wired to a tip-ring-sleeve connector. You do not have to print the entire manual Lexicon MPX but the selected pages only. Running the Z80 at 9. Effects Processors with Dual Program Variations Use the right lexicin for mono sources.

Four 4-bit accesses are assembled for a bit word. This alignment is determined by setting the serial data interface format pins on the CS to support the I2S mqnual. Plug the adapter into the MPX 1 00 and apply power.

Page 24 Chamber useful Liveness Eko Delay on a wide range of material. Replace manuual nut and washer on one potentiometer at each end and hand tighten.

Lexicon MPX User Manual | 55 pages

Remove six 6 screws from the housing; three 3 from the top, and three 3 from the bottom. Adjust Wall Reflections — Editing Editing MPX programs is easy. If the unit is exposed to a dusty environment, a vacuum or low-pressure blower may be used to remove dust manul the unit’s exterior. Diagnostic Failures If a test fails, testing will be halted, the audio outputs will be muted, and both red Clip LEDs will light along with the LED code for the failed test.

Setting Audio Levels 4. Otherwise the test will fail due to a time- out error.

Lexicon MPX 100 User Manual

With mono sources, the dry signal appears, along lexicno audio effects, at both outputs. Operation of any electrical instrument in such an environment constitutes a definite safety hazard.


The analog supplies use lOOOuF electrolytics. Page 31 Inversion — Pitch The stereo polyphonic Pitch program in the MPX allows complete program ma- terial or monophonic sources to be shifted down two octaves or up one octave.

Bypass can be set to mute or bypass effects. Release Store and verify that the LED turns off. The Adjust knob has been carefully cus- tomized for each individual program.

It calls attention to procedure, practice, condition or the like which is essential to highlight. As each pot must be turned within 5 seconds of test activation, turn all three pots fully counterclockwise and be prepared to Move Mix immediately after initating the test series with the Store button.

A single input source will be routed to both left and right input stages if only the right input J9 is used. Replace the seven 7 plastic nuts on the jacks. If you want to exit without saving the current program, press Store again.

The rotation kpx is created by a synchronized combination of pitch shifting, tremolo and panning. During the ADC Pot Test, each potentiometer must be varied over its entire range from fully counter-clockwise to fully clockwise, and back to fully counter-clockwise within 5 seconds. Repeat the test, verifying levels for the MPX 1 00 Left output. Contact Lexicon Cus- tomer Service. Refer to the Program Descrip- Modes of Operation tions to take advantage of this configuration.

This is not a problem with an instrument plugged in as the instruments relatively low 1 k-1 Ok output impedance provides a path to ground.