Malinda Cramer is the Founder of Divine Science and the Author of: Lessons in Science and Healing. Basic Statements and Health Treatment of Truth. The Divine Science Movement has two roots, each considered a separate work, that later combined. The first root began in by Malinda E. Cramer of San. Often overlooked Malinda Cramer was one of the most important early leaders of the New Thought movement. She is frequently described as ahead of her time.

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You will find available downloads for the various New Thought Works of Malinda Cramer at the bottom of those pages.

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As long as your energy makes us feel better, cramr the energy of this work and your interaction with people in our group makes you and us feel better. Malinda’s story is one of the more remarkable stories in New Thought. After 25 years of suffering through this painful malady, crameg awoke one morning inglanced out the window and began her prayers.

The Early History of Divine Science

This morning she asked a simple question: Is there a Power in the Universe that can heal me? At this moment, she was filled with a sense of joy and deep gratitude knowing she was healed. The answer was within and illuminated her consciousness like the rising sun. The Omnipresence of God and God’s perfection transformed her beliefs and brought her to Health.

Malinda then sought out Emma Curtis Hopkins to strengthen her understanding of this Divine experience. This led to classes and then to Malinda development of her own system of New Thought. She felt the name Divine Science which had been used in India and Europe to describe the mystic arts was the best description for her form of New Thought.

It was not long before she was contacted by Nona Brooks who also wanted to use the same name. Unfortunately the school and its wonderful library, the largest collection of New Thought texts at the time were destroyed in the fire that consumed many parts of San Francisco after the earthquake of Although at one time some of the greatest New Thought ministers such as Ernest Holmes and Emmett Fox were ordained as Divine Science ministers, the denomination has steadily declined since their time.


Perhaps the plague of spiritual politics will disappear and new students with verve and vigor will renew this fading denomination. The latest news is that the oldest Divine Science Church is being largely used as a theater and what was once the Divine Science School in Denver now engages some teachers with degree mill diplomas from privately created state “seminaries” which offer degrees in exchange for a simple thesis on the topic of your choice.

Even the prestigious name of what was once the oldest metaphysical college in the U.

Founders | Divine Science Federation International

What was once the most powerful New Thought correspondence course, opening the door to New Thought for thousands of people, as well as leading to the ordination of many wonderful Divine Science ministers has been discontinued despite the fact that the internet has created an entirely new opportunity for distance teaching.

The once thriving correspondence school of Divine Science has now been supplanted by online studies offered by other New Thought denominations. Malinda’s work soon resulted in a burgeoning Divine Cgamer movement with churches and centers around the world. Unfortunately over the ensuing years, spiritual politics pervaded Divine Science resulting in a malidna decline of membership and consequent closure of churches and centers.

Only recently have any new Divine Science churches been formed for 50 years. It remains to be seen what will happen to Divine Science, perhaps the valiant efforts of new members will rekindle the fire in craamer once strong denomination. Malinda Cramer also created one of the early New Thought magazines: The first copy of Harmony rolled off the presses in August, In conjunction with Nautilus Magazine, Harmony is considered to be a significant early Mslinda Thought publication. The greatest challenge for Divine Science is not independent ministers but pervasive spiritual politics perverting the sacred covenant of Spiritual rebirth.

Through God, we are all one and thus healings happen at malimda distance, teaching can be transmitted through many means and the greatest power is imagination. Fortunately, most of the early works of the Divine Science movement are now coming into the Public Domain and we are trusting that this will result in the renaissance of this denomination or the rise of a new one that crmer on purpose instead of politics.


New Thought People “walk the talk. We malnida you a powerful platform upon which to do God’s Work learning and sharing New Thought: New Thought Resources accessible to anyone in the world with an internet connection. Celebrating New Thought Diversity in thought cra,er form, we weather all storms, thrive and prosper!

New Thought is universal in its ideals and therefore should be universal in its appeal. Under the guidance of the spirit, it should grow in good works until it embraces many lands and eventually the whole world. Edgerton, New Thought Day, August 23rd, Explore the New Thought Tao and discover deeper wisdom. New Thought has many forms, Taoist New Thought brings insights to the table that are not so apparent in Abrahamic forms.

While many Abrahamics fight to impose their views on the rest of the world. Taoist New Thought teaches the way of acceptance and understanding. Principles in the New Thought Tao provide powerful processes which serve as keys to deeper happiness and inner peace from the inside out.

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New Thought conferences from various New Thought denominations and organizations are happening all ove rthe world. Empowerment programs that awaken us to the co-creative “Power of We. More New Thought Resources: Share these digital files.

Be a conduit of good for all souls you encounter This New Thought Library along with the other New Thought Resources I have created are my gifts to you to support your spiritual journey. Divine Science Principles and Practice Harmony At this moment, she was filled with a sense of joy vramer deep gratitude knowing she was healed.

Great New Thought Malonda New Thought Day August 23rd years old 1st declared by James Edgerton in “‘The truth, once announced, has the power not only to renew but to extend itself. Read Divine Tao 8 “Water” Tao 8. New Thought Conferences Grow and thrive Share your truth New Thought conferences from various New Thought denominations and organizations are happening all ove rthe world.

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Malinda Cramer

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