The Man-eating Leopard of Rudraprayag (Oxford India Paperbacks) [Jim Corbett, Raymond Sheppard] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. It had killed people, maybe more, but his crime, he wrote in his book The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag, was “not against the laws of. You are here: Home Page > Arts & Humanities > Biography > Biography – Sport > The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag Remove. £ Paperback.

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It is rudraprayqg that this film was made with a very low budget with inexperienced producer, director and writer – none of them appears to have read the original account, the book titled The Ruraprayag eating Leopard of Rudraprayag by Jim Corbett. Aug 15, Messages: There was no way the full funeral rites could be carried out for all the dead. Thanks for the pictures. This Leopard was the only man-eater which had played havoc and his terror reigned for 8 long years in India killing over humans.

The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag

Apr 20, Prabhat rated it really liked it. The leopard had started hunting people eight years earlier, when it was still young; therefore it was not old age that caused it ot turn to hunting people. The last leopard kill in Bhainswara was inof a man out herding his goats.

Edit Storyline Set in Colonial India in this is an adaptation of Jim Corbett’s hunt for the most notorious man-eating leopard of all time. Apr 10, Aju Krishnan rated it really liked it Shelves: The ways which Corbett used to combat the leopard showed his skills and his understanding of leopards and tigers. I was more than impressed by the intellect of the leopard, for eight years he outsmarted his hunters but he also killed more than hundred people and haunted the rest. Don’t have a Kindle?

As Jim Corbett looked at the animal that had proved his toughest hunt, he thought this leopard was no fiend.


A book you will have difficulty putting down: In certain nights, he will kill a lady sleeping in the middle of a group of sages, and still nobody would have heard a sound. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Last edited by a moderator: A leopard, in an area in which his natural food is scarce, finding these bodies very soon acquires a taste for human flesh, and when the disease dies down and normal conditions are established, he very naturally, on finding his food supply cut off, takes to killing human beings.

But somehow, due to bad luck and many other factors, gunning down this particular leopard had been difficult. Jim Corbett is well known to most “outdoors types” and wrote a good number of books. In his book, Booth wrote that while a devout Christian, Corbett often prayed at temples and had erected a small shrine for the same goddess that Harinagri now prays too.

It inspires each pe Such an exceptional zeal and vigour of Jim Corbett and the same being reflected upon this book in a simple language, made it one of a kind book. I highly recommend the book. Find out whose getting kissed on NYE.

The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag (TV Movie ) – IMDb

However, Corbett notes that the number of deaths was probably higher due to mah kills and deaths due to injuries sustained in attacks. Because there was once a plague and many dead bodies had to be disposed off, downhill the place Rudrapayag lies in the foothills of the Himalayas The leopard having tasted human flesh that time got addicted to it, and now it has started attacking the people in the villages of the hill.

It is unfair that Sir Jim Corbett, along with his phenomenal hunting dexterity, was fantastically skilled at writing and narrating events. Meanwhile, on a 5-km stretch, 21 people have been killed by leopards sincefour in the past three months.

I have acquired a newfound respect for Jim Corbett the author, and believe that his legendary stature as the fearless slayer rudrapraysg man-eating tigers and leopards almost unfairly overshadows his other qualities evidenced in this book.


It cited the rise in wild boar population from 32, in to over 50, now. It was a short and sweet read. The natural flow of the story, the incidents of the man eater and the methods used to gun him down was excellent.

At the end of the introduction of his widely known book Man-Eaters of KumaonCorbett wrote:. There are many reasons why any big cat becomes a “man-killer”. The description of living in constant fear, the feeling of always having to look over your shoulder.

Its eyes half-closed, the leopard appeared asleep. The video game generation li A gripping account of the man-eating leopard in the hills of Rudraprayag, who carried on with his hunt for rudeaprayag long years!

The Panar man-eater killed many more humans: The engaging writing made everything seem so real, as if watching someone from my window. The Jim Corbett Omnibus. He realized that the man eating leopards were more cunning and elusive than the man eating tigers. rudraprajag

Leopard of Rudraprayag

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The hills are rugged. The video game generation like me would always think what is there in shooting a leopard, I’ve shot down bomber-jets. A fantastic description by Jim Corbett on his hide-and-seek game with the leopard of Rudraprayag who had turned to man-eating because of a calamity.

Leopard of Rudraprayag – Wikipedia

I have now read it twice but every time you readyou can experience the terror that was this man-eater of rudraprayag. When the animals are too sick or compromised to rudraprayab their normal prey, and thus turn to hunting humans, who are much easier to hunt and kill than wild game.

Jim Corbett is one of those few writers who have a natural talent for writing.